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12 Days of UK OSR: Day 5 Woodland Warriors

Hootin’ Heck is it June already? Then I better press on with the 12 Days of the UK OSR, with day 5. Based off Swords and Wizardry, WoodLand Warriors is a nice little book by Simon Washbourne published by his … Continue reading

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12 Days of the UK OSR Day 4: Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Ok so I’ve slipped with keeping this daily. It no longer tallies with the 12 days of XMAS, oh dear. Whoops! I will however patriotically soldier on with one review-let a day, with gaps for when I’m feeling pathologically lazy/worn … Continue reading

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12 Days of the UK OSR Day 3: Fighting Fantasist

Lazy post this one. The US D&D OSR has Grognardia. We have Fighting Fantasist and his companion tumblr blog which serves up images of old 80s White Dwarf/Games Workshop art. Fighting Fantasist blog Fuckyeahbritisholdschoolgaming @ tumblr Then of course there’s … Continue reading

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12 Days of the UK OSR Day 2: BRP Rome

For my first UK OSR review, I’ll be looking at Basic Roleplaying Rome published by Alephtar games for Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying Game, by UK author Pete Nash. The first half of the book gives a full comprehensive guide of the … Continue reading

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12 Days of the UK OSR : Introduction

Ok so if you are going from day 1 of the 12 days of XMAS being Christmas Day, I’m one day late but hey according to Wikipedia some traditions start it on Boxing Day and besides I was busy on … Continue reading

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