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Midderlands Expanded Kickstarter

Check out Monkey Blood Design’s Midderlands Expanded book, now on Kickstarter. Continue reading

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UK OSR Round Up for November 2016

Round of UK OSR news for Nov 2016. Goings on at D101 + Dragonmeet + Mythras releases + Grogmeet + Crypts of Indormancy. Continue reading

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Black Hack for the Win!

Want a cheap streamlined OSR Ruleset from the UK Tradition of Grimdark? Check out the Black Hack on Kickstarter now! Peter Regan (Oubliette Fanzine and Square Hex gaming stationary) who has a flawless delivery record is the publisher behind it.  … Continue reading

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The return of the Oubliette

UK based Oubliette fanzine is back after almost a three-year hiatus with Issue 9. Although it uses Labyrinth Lord as its rule set of choice, its compatible with other OSR rule sets. If you want the pdf its available via … Continue reading

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All hail the Serpent King

One thing about us Brits is that in recent history allot of our Old Skool games have come back with such a strength and presence that it feels that they have never gone away. The big one here of course … Continue reading

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These two men have a lot to answer for….

Almost every UK RPGer’s who started in the 70s/80s, have these to men to credit. Steve Jackson (left) and Ian Livingstone (right) where the founders of Games Workshop and brought D&D and many other RPGs to these shores, as well … Continue reading

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