D101 produces a number of books that will interest the Old School gamer.

Tales from the Sorcerer Under the Mountain

The game of this Blog! An OSR Ruleset, using a concise version of OD&D (courtesy of Swords and Wizardry OGL), available in fully bookmarked and hyperlinked pdf, and hardcover 6 in by 9in book. Includes, Rules, Monsters and an adventure The Sorcerer Under the Mountain (which is also available separately as a 5th Ed adventure).

OpenQuest – D100 made Easy

A complete and easy-to-play Fantasy Roleplaying game, with monsters, magic and exotic locales.  OpenQuest uses the classic D100 rules mechanic, which uses percentages to express the chance of success or failure. Now in its third edition.


  • OpenQuest 3
  • OpenQuest Companion
  • OpenQuest Kickstart
  • River of Heaven – Science Fiction Roleplaying using the OpenQuest engine.
  • The Duck Crusade
  • It will not always be Summer
  • Catching the Wyrm
  • OpenQuest System Resource Document

Available from D101’s Webstore

OpenQuest Dungeons by Jon Hodgson

Crypts and Things

A Swords and Wizardry variant, using the OD&D rules with a more Swords and Sorcery flavour. Think Howard, Ashton-Smith, and Moorcock, the dark bits of Fighting Fantasy and Early White Dwarf for influences.

The main rulebook is now available

  • Crypts and Things Remastered. 247 pages of Swords and Sorcery adventure. A self-contained roleplaying game with 9 character classes, two adventures (a crypt and a weirdland) , a detailed (but not over detailed) example setting, monsters, a city for urban adventures and referee’s advice on how to run the genre.
  • Tournaments of Madness and Death
  • Tomb of the Necromancer
  • Intro the Shroud #1 and #2

All Crypts and Things books are available in both print and pdf via D101’s webstore and

Crypts and Things cover by David M. Wright

Crypts and Things cover by David M. Wright

Also worth noting is Swords Against the Shroud, a Black Hack conversion of Crypts and Things.

OSR Adventures

  • The Road To Hell – a mini-campaign arc set in Stuart England the day before Halloween  Compatible with Tales from the Sorcerer Under the Mountain and other OSR games.

The Road to Hell, cover by Jon Hodgson

There are also a number of adventures in the works for release in the near future.

Also worth noting (especially if you are not UK based, and want more timely and less expensive shipping) I also sell my games via

If you are a fan of, I’m currently looking at getting all my games available via there, by end of August/early September 2022. Watch this blog for announcements.