You want Blood? We got it!

David M. Wright is a star! He sent me the following four complete pieces of art for Crypts & Things Remastered for the latest monthly backers update, and once again I’m blown away by the detail that he puts into his work. Defintiely getting the early Fighting Fantasy vibe , as seen in Death Trap Dungeon and Island of the Lizard King, in these pieces.

P25 - Severed Head - Ink (Lo-Res) - DMWright P39 - Scroll - Ink (Lo-Res) - DMWright P87 - Face Ripper - Ink (Lo-Res) - DMWright P103 - Primative - Ink (Lo-Res) - DMWright

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Neath the Shadow zine

This was a pleasant surprise present for me the other day. Kristian Richards who is the author/artist/layout guy of the rather splendid Age of Shadow RPG, which is based of the OpenQuest SRD, sent me a copy of his rather smart A5 Fanzine ‘Neath the Shadow’ for Age of Shadow. Its a nice light read, with a couple of detailed encounters, a magic item and some quick rules for Age of Shadow. Its black and white through out with art mainly being the rather speliendid maps that Kristian produces (check out his Little Book of Dungeons book).  I’ve got one of the hand made copies, with its nice pale blue card cover lovingly hand made by Kristian himself, the POD version available via lulu has a lovely colour cover.

I’m a big fan of Age of Shadow. Kristian took the OQ SRD and built a nice little RPG for some Silmarillion style fantasy action, so I’m pleased to see that its getting even a little bit of additional support :)

Neath the Shadow Zine by Kristian Richards

Neath the Shadow Zine by Kristian Richards

Neath the Shadow Fanzine
Crooked Staff Procutions blog
Age of Shadow RPG

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In my intray the Empire of Ys!

Its official Dr Mitch (aka Paul Mitchener)   is an RPG Writing Machine.

In between top sekret work of for other publishers (and another seminal piece for D101 that I’m keeping the lid on for the moment) he’s submitted, the Empire of Ys

This is his tribute to D&D, which is inspired by a love of Planescape and a style of play that revolves around exploration for the Empire of the title and the machinations of the movers and shakers of the setting rather than simple dungeon crawling.  Its a self contained game of 12 chapters, 201 pages,including a starter adventure (but bear in mind you start at 3rd Level). Overall its got enough character of its own for me (and you) to give it time amongst all the D&D love letters out there.

Date of release, certainly not until the behemoth that is Crypts & Things is out, so cautiously early next year.

There will be a playtest, I will do a call in a couple of months once I’ve done my editorial pass 😉

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Embarking on a Quest to UK Games Expo!!

Okay dokey, tomorrow me and my wingman Guy are driving down to the home of Metal, aka Birmingham, to set up shop at UK Games Expo.

Friday afternoon the show opens up to the public and carries on till Sunday.

D101 Games is in the Monarch hall and I’ll be trading on Stand 23 :)

I’ve got OpenQuest Deluxe and the entire range of adventures, River of Heaven + Reunion and I’ve found a box of Crypts and Things 1st Ed, which I’m going to let go for a bargain price. This is in addition to our other games like Monkey, and our Gloranthan Fanzines, of which I’ll be releasing Hearts in Glorantha 1-5 Collected and Gloranthan Adventures Issue 2.

So come up and see us, buy a book (or three) and have a chat. I might even have some C&T 2 art work to show off 😉

Some of the books I'll be selling at UK Games Expo.

Some of the books I’ll be selling at UK Games Expo.


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Luther Arkright for RuneQuest 6

Bryan Talbot is one of the UK’s best comic artists and writers.  He has numerous credits for 2000AD inc. Judge Dredd and most famously Nemesis the Warlock in the 80s and is therefore officially British Old School.

If that wasn’t enough he’s got his own creator owned title, Luther Arkwritght, that he’s been working on since the 70s. It’s an exciting multiverse hopping saga that is spans across two epic comic collections, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of the Empire. Its got elements of Steam Punk, occultism, mad science, satire on the British monarchy and society. In short its a rich setting ripe with story telling potential…

…and The Design Mechanism are doing a self-contained RPG powered by RQ6.

Oh my I think I’ve wet myself with glee :)

Here’s the cover that they just released (comments on the G+ thread indicates its currently in proof).

Arkwright-Cover-Low-Res-SmallMore about the game in the press release that originally announced it back in 2012.

If you want to check out the comic as well as the collected versions available via Amazon, there’s a CD with everything + notes and commentaries over at Bryan Talbot’s own site.

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The return of the Oubliette

UK based Oubliette fanzine is back after almost a three-year hiatus with Issue 9. Although it uses Labyrinth Lord as its rule set of choice, its compatible with other OSR rule sets. If you want the pdf its available via, discounted to the end of the month, and there’s also a bundle of the previous 8 issues. Highly recommended, its nice to see this one back :)

oubliette9coverAlso of interest to any publisher, or those curious about the publishing process, is Peter Regan’s follow-up post about why he switched to an A6 size and moved from Print on Demand to doing a print run.



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12 Hours left on the Crypts and Things Remastered Kickstarter

We’re nearly at the end of the great month-long Kickstarter journey.  My latest update lays out exactly what we’ve achieved, and sums up the benefits of backing the game if you are still sitting on the fence.

Update 20 The Sands of Time are running out

We’ve got a couple of outstanding stretch goals, the last four character classes (Beast Hybrid, Serpent Noble, Samurai and Ninja), so its still worth backing the game.

Oh and you are thinking of backing the game but miss the deadline…I’ll be sending one of these round to your house.

Sketch of Face Ripper by David M. Wright

Sketch of Face Ripper by David M. Wright

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Enter the Disciple

We’ve come along way since I last posted here. Stretch Goal 5 Scourges of a Dying World has funded. The evil schemes of the Serpent Folk have been revealed by funding Stretch Goal 6

I added a whole load of new add-ons, a couple of new backer levels and a final set of Stretch goals in the following Update.

I’ve left the best for last for those of you who’ve been wondering about extra character classes. The first two expand the ‘core’ set of Swords & Sorcery classes in the book, then the next three are Race-as-Clases and the final two reflect the fine tradition of mixing Oriental Classes with standard classes that British RPG magazines and gamebooks of the 80s indulged in.

  • Stretch Goal 6 Disciple (£7000) FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 7 Elementalist (£7500) FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 8 Lizard People (£8000) FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 9 Beast Hybrid (£8500)
  • Stretch Goal 10 Serpent Noble (£9000)
  • Stretch Goal 11 Samurai (£9500)
  • Stretch Goal 12 Ninja (£10000)

Shush here comes one of the new classes now…

“Into the Abyss the black cloaked figure crept. No common thief was this. The scaly Lizard men guards discovered this as their faces were shattered by a series of well aimed flying kicks. The Great Demon of the Abyss tried desperately to resist the Five-Finger Rose Mantra that the assailant drew in the air between them, but to no avail. It crumbled into ash under the blazing light of illumination. Barely pausing the Disciple of the Ruby Throne, bent down before the pile of ash, and picked up the Glorious Jade Staff of the Ancients that the Demon had possessed for millennia. Whirling in the air, the Disciple turned and headed back up the stone carved stairs from whence she came…”

Enter the Disciple, stretch Goal 6 funded!

Now onwards and upwards to Stretch Goal 7…The Elementalist!

Last three days. If you’ve backed many thanks for your support. If you are still sitting on the fence now is the time for action :)

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Everything you wanted to ask about Crypts and Things Remastered, but were afraid to ask

I did a Q&A over Chat on Friday night, the results of which are now up on Dan Davenport’s blog, who very graciously hosted it and gave me through grilling.

If you’ve been wondering about some of the finer detail about what the KS is delivering I’d recommend checking out.

We also smashed through Stretch Goal 4 Port Blackmire while I was doing the chat, and I awake this Sunday morning to find we are but £46 towards Stretch Goal 5 Scourges of a Dying World. I  wonder how long it will take to reach it today 😉


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C&T Remastered, two new Stretch Goals

We are in danger of running out of stretch goals. Seeing as 1&2 are funded and 3 is well on the way to being funded. So I thought it best I add some more to the campaign.

Stretch Goal 4 Scourges of a Dying World ($6000)
Siligra Queen of the Serpent People, Krong King of the Battle Apes, Zilon the Terrible (who marches on his Hands), Ternon the Blind  and Iosk the Impenetrable…currently these names are but part of a list of twenty that are named as potential Nemeses for the player characters in Appendix N of the rulebook. If this goal funds I will give them full write ups in their own chapter.

Stretch Goal 5 Secrets of the Serpent People ($6500)
In my own explorations of Zarth the Serpent People crop up again and again. If this stretch goal funds I’ll reveal what I’ve discovered about their history, culture and dark magic, making them a fully fleshed out enemy race.

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