Happy 4th birthday Raging Swan!

Not exactly OSR since they do Pathfinder but very much an UK D&D publisher, Raging Swan have now been going 4 years. This is no mean feat in itself and to celebrate they are having a sale.

Raging Swan Press has just launched its 4th Birthday sale here at OBS. For the next ten days, as a thank you our customers, and as a celebration of our advanced age, we’ve taken 40% off all our PDFs and other electronic products.

Whether you are filling in holes in your collection, or pouncing like a rabid tiger on some our our new releases, I hope you find something to both enhance your campaign and make running it easier.

Thanks very much for you support over the last four years. I much appreciate it.

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Halloween Sale

To celebrate Halloween for the next 24 hours (12pm Friday 31st October – 12pm Saturday 1st November GMT), the following titles are on 50% off for their PDF.

Crypts and Things rulebook

UK S01 Blood of the Dragon

UK M1 Tomb of the Necromancers

Also for D100 fans the Zombie Apocalypse that is Life and Death is 50% pdf and 25% off Print/Pdf bundle. Life and Death only requires OpenQuest Basics to run it, which is a free pdf or low cost book, and with per-generated characters you can easily pick up and play it and have a ghoulish time this Day of the Dead.

Life and Death

OpenQuest Basics

l&D coverC&T-frontcover-v3-web blood-of-the-dragon-web-coverTomb of the Necromancers cover by David Michael Wright

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Burnt out by the Furnace

I’m shattered. Its day three after my return from Furnace and I’m still cream crackered :)

Even though I was marginally geared towards the Storygames side of D101’s output, there was a lot of good stuff that came out of talking to folk and playing games.

  • OpenQuest is still highly regarded by some of the folk that helped put it together. Thanks Graham and Tom :)
  • Talking of OpenQuest, had a chat with Dr Mitch and he’s going to be throwing one of his adventures set in Ancient Rome into OpenQuest Adventures, the last bit of the great OpenQuest 2 IndieGoGo campaign (which has streatched to long).  Bigger update on this soon but this means I’ll have a complete five adventure book come this XMAS.
  • Crypts and Things still sold well at the stall, and people liked the teaser image I showed them (see last couple of posts, and yes I told them what it was).
  • My minimalist D100 system Mediyfal went down a treat even though we didn’t get through half of the Scenario Bad King John, so there will have to be a part 2 at 7 Hills in April next year (18-19 April, the same venue) and possibly a part 3 at Furnace 2015.
  • After years in the wilderness on the UK con scenes D&D is firmly on the menu with games of D&D 5th and 13th Age being run alongside the new shiney games (such as Savage World and Fate).

So Furnace was very very good as usual. You see here in Little Northern Britian we don’t need none of this large GenCon nonsense to have fun :)

More fun incoming April 18-19th at 7 Hills, Furnaces’ little sister. I’ll be there :)

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Furnace wards we go!

Its that time of year and I’m off to Furnace a weekend convention in Sheffield.  I’ve mainly got my storytelling games hat on this year (Fate, Wordplay and Tenra Bansho Zero on Saturday) but I’m also debuting Mediyfal (Medi – for Medieveal and Yfal which is Old English) a Weird Fantasy game set in Middle Ages, with this scenario.

Bad King John

The Year is 1216 of our Lord

All of England is aware of King John the First’s public shortcomings as a king. His unsuccessful wars to retrieve English lands in France, paid for by an ever increasing tax burden on his people. How his impiety and refusal to play along with the church has got the Pope to publicly declare him an Atheist! His falling out with his Barons, who are at war with him after he annulled the Magna Carta, a mighty document of law to curtail his reckless spending, which they forced him to sign at the start of the summer.

As bondsmen of the Bishop of Norwich, a close ally of the King, you’ve also seen his majesty at his worst first hand at court. The drunken murderous rages and the blasphemous words that froths constantly at his lips. The pale faces of those who cross him when they know they are going to be ‘disappeared’ by his lackeys after spending a cruel night as his plaything. Whispers at court say he is in league with the devil, but you know he is willingly possessed by Satan!

Now your Liege Lord has has called upon you to serve him. So with heavy heart you prepare to take yourselves through dark pagan woods that surround the god forsaken port of Bishop’s Lynn, on the North Norfolk coast, where the King and his army currently camp. You suspect heavily that the mad bad king intends to take his army across the stinking marsh of the Wash to do battle with the rebel Barons in neighbouring Lincolnshire. It’s September now and the weather is turning bad. This will be an ill journey, where cunning, treachery, and baseness will have to be employed to keep body and soul together.

This one has been a fun one to put together. It started out as a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game, but its grown into a hack of OpenQuest and from that its own thing (an extremely light D100 varient).


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Fiendish Friday: The Tale of Ged the Mother

“Once upon a time the land was flowing with beauty and love. Ged was its Smiling Goddess, and she bore all things edible for her people the Hu Pi. Her animals and plants fed and clothed the people in great abundance.

One day the Serpent King arrived in the land, and presented her with a present. A Green Scaly Egg. He said “Ged sit upon this egg and warm it with your womanly hips. For I am cold and can not breathe life into it. If you do this thing you will birth a God like yourself and he will bring you great joy!”.  So Ged who was loney sat sat upon the scaley egg that the Serpent King had presented. She sat a long time.

Then suddenly one dawn the egg cracked open and out jumped Nar-Garum! Ged was amazed! Then she was amazed a second time as Nar-Garum jumped up and bit her womanly parts, causing warm blood to pour into the land. The Serpent King did a swirling dance and mixed the mud of the land with the blood of wounded goddess and turned it into poison. In her pain her smile turned to a grimace as she saw how the Serpent King had used her own spawn against her to poison her land. Worse was to come as she started to birth grey mewling spawn. “What is these weak and pathetic things” she cried in disgust. “Why mother they are the product of our painful incest. I will take these Cruns into the dark and teach them such pain that they will plague the land!” And Nar-Garum so he did, and the Cruns and the other poisonous things that the land now begat meant that Ged and the land of Honey were truly befouled. “

Ged is a fertility goddess from the time of the Hu-Pi (see Blood of the Dragons for more details). Pre-Serpent War she was known as the Bounteous Smiling Goddess. The locals of Gont still worship her although these days she requires blood sacrifices to ensure her Bounty, as a replacement for the blood she lost from Nar-Garum’s birth.

The Cruns

A  sub-human group who originate from Serpent Men experiments in crossing Humans with lizards in ancient times. They appear as semi-naked humans covered in hard grey scales. They are usually feeble of intellect and of average strength and their only way to improve themselves is through worship of their Father-God Nar-Garum the Pain Giver.  They  live in small communities on the stink rivers, treated as vermin by all that encounter them, but occasionally one of their number will return from the Other World as a Pain Giver and they become are a plague upon the Stink River pouring out from their lairs..

Crun Ac 7[18] (Scaley skin) HD1-1 HP 4 ATT 1 Dam 1 Stone Club (1d6) of Claws (1d4) SR Immune to Poison Save 19 CR/XP B/10

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We have such exciting things to show you…

Another Crypts and Things teaser from the brush of David Micheal Wright…

From David Micheal Wright's Studio

From David Micheal Wright’s Studio

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Double posted from the oringal thread over at the Tavern.

I used to be all over this style of play in my teen years. Mainly when I was playing Basic/Expert D&D and AD&D 1st ed. Heck I even wrote a three levels of megadungeon, which is imho the ultimate sandbox. Happy hours playing through Isle of Dread. Here’s a piece of hexpaper and off you go.

Problem was that I always felt the players missed all the good stuff. I started getting peevish about it. Ok so you are going to miss the Ancient Red Dragon in the Volcano which I’ve put in plan sight, I’ll put five in your way on my latest hex crawl :P Playing Griffin Island during the generic pre-Glorantha Games Workshop RuneQuest years was probably my last hurrah for Old School Sandbox play.

So eventually I tired of that and suddenly its the late 80s and we’ve gone all Railroady story telling. Rapidly got disillusioned with that and struggled through a Narrative wilderness (HeroQuest etc) in the early 2000s. Now blissfully back running more open ended adventures, with lots of potiential plot hooks and big cast list of interesting npcs. Are they Sandboxes? Not in the classic Old School sense (Hexcrawls/Megadungeons) and in comparison they are smaller and more tightly controlled in the sense I don’t put boring stuff in. Its all made of win because these days with my limited gaming time its time to GO LARGE OR GO HOME every session ;)

My current game FAE Cowboys & Dinosaurs is a Sandbox, that takes in the whole Hollow Earth, but the players are unaware of it. They are just hitting the trail and having fun times :)  Also I’ve got unfinished business with the Spires, the setting of which I revealled but a small corner of it the Blood of the Dragon for Crypts & Things (watch this space).

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The Warlock of Firetop Mountain – in Metal!

To commemorate this year’s Fighting Fantasy Fest just gone, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson commissioned those fine producers of old school minis OtherWorld miniatures to do a figure of everyone’s favorite FF personality Zagor the Warlock of Firetop Mountain:

FF01 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Otherworld miniatures

FF01 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Otherworld miniatures

I got news of this from Andrew Scott’s Realm of Chaos blog, and as well as more figures coming from OtherWorld minis, there’s going to be another range from a company called Pure Evil who apparently will be Kickstarting their range soon.

Pop over to Andrew’s blog for a review of the figure and the full scoop on wants going on with these new FF minis :)

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RQ6 Actual Play: Tales of the Blessed City

Over at the Tavern Forum, Tom Zunder has a short write up of his RQ 6 campaign Tales of the Blessed City.

Being a chronicle of the perspicacious adventures and tremulating exploits of three perambulating personalities of the convivial conurbation that personates itself as “Fayoval, Blessed City of the East”.

This is a RQ6 game, largely RAW, and run face to face on alternate Thursdays.

Our tales exhibits overtly the actions and infers the motives and hints at the emotions of our protagonists, being:

Toc, Shaman of the exiled Sylvings and retainer of House Marozzo, played by the illustriously legal Andrew Watson.
Antonio di Marozzo, of the House Marozzo, notable youth and duelist of the Equestrian class, played by the fastidious revenue agent Duncan Rowlands.
Baptiste, sometimes madam and sometime concubine in the Walled Quarter of Gems, played by the ever teenage Monster Heart, Neil Gow!

Our story starts one hot and sunny endless day in the days of the Twinight, when the solar radiance of the orb above us blazed all the hours of the day and at a time when the sunburnt, eye strained and sleep deprived folk had almost forgotten the meaning of the word ‘day’.


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13th Age in Glorantha now live

A quick mention here, due to its D&D leanings, the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter has gone live.

I go into more detail on the Hearts in Glorantha blog

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