Crucible of Dragons now available!

Crucible of the Dragons cover by Jon Hodgson

Crucible of the Dragons cover by Jon Hodgson

The long awaited Crucible of the Dragons for OpenQuest is now available via

A 260 page sandbox setting/adventure book for OpenQuest, but broadly compatible with other D100 rpgs, inspired by Ancient Greece, Clark Ashton Smith and Ray Harryhausen monster movies!

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The Guild of Adventurers

This is for OpenQuest and is in the upcoming, updated version of Life & Death.

A rag tag group of tomb raiders, thugs for hire, dubious sorcerers and all manner of social misfits who would rather go down a long abandoned underground complex risking danger and death in search of fame and fortune than do an honest days work.  Early on in the days of the profession someone thought it best to create a Guild to manage its members, provide some sort of ethical backbone and curb some of the worst excesses of its members in civilised areas (outright theft, banditry, kidnapping, murder etc).

 The lower ranks of the Guild, affectionately known as the Rabble, are sent on quests alongside more experienced members into long lost ruins of the Lion Empire and other civilisations that came before it. Their rewards are mainly the material: the Gold and Gems that make up the majority of the loot. The more experienced members take their share as the exotic items rumoured to be imbued with ancient magics.

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Fiendish Friday: The Bone Collector

The Tale of the Bone Collector
“You see Ulmak just had to collect them all. Tall ones, short ones, skinny ones and just plain odd ones. Skeletons of all shapes and sizes. Said it helped him in his healing. See Ulmak was a ‘kind’ sort, wouldn’t hurt a fly and gave healing to anyone who came to his hut. That was his undoing. You see one day those bad Bonedancers came, with their wounded leader. Wasn’t Ulmak’s fault that mad dog died right there and then. Even the Kindly Ones have their limits. So the remaining Bonedancers, tie him up, torture him some, and send him just plum crazy. Then bad things start to happen. He made his bones ‘dance’ and turned them Bone Dancers into that sack he carries with him. Then he left Bone Guard, and started stalking the bone fields building up a collection. Some say he’s building an army, but I reckon he’s a shadow of a man whose just following his habit.”

A Sorcerer in a dark black robe, who is busy collecting the bones of the dead, which he places in a bulging sack made of human skin which he carries over his shoulder. Occasionally the bag stirs as if there is a live animal within. He prefers complete undamaged skeletons and will pay handsomely, at 10 GP a complete set of bones. This deranged and insane individual is collecting the bones to make the ultimate skeleton army. He has 3d6 Skeletons in his sack, which is magic and animates the bones of any complete skeleton placed within. The only drawback of this bag of bones is that the skeletons are not under the control of the owner and attack any living thing once released from the bag. The Bone Collector usually tosses the opened bag at any one who physically threatens him

The Bone Collector
Crazy Magician

AC 7 [13] HD 5 HP 20 Attacks: 1 Dam: Bone Wand Dam 1d10 + Save  or suffer Necrosis (additional 1d10 damage from flesh death). Special Rules: Knows Raise Dead, Can animate any skeleton, 1d6 per round, also Cure Moderate Wounds (old healing power that uses if character can touch his buried humanity)   CR/XP 7/600

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Fiendish Friday: Five of the Worst

The latest in my occasional Friday column for Crypts and Things, I present five adventure seeds revolving round five conflicted non-player characters.

The Hunted & The Damned
“Help us, help us please. They are after us.”

Situation: Pale and ghost like a brother and sister couple plead that the characters help them escape a hunting beast that is on their tail.

Twist: The pair are powerful sorcerers from the Other Worlds, and the beast is retribution for them killing an entire world.

Waiting to Wake Up
“I no longer know my name”

Situation: The characters find a sleeping barbarian who if woken up thanks them for waking him from a magical sleep and then pledges to serve them.

Twist: The barbarian is actually a pretender of the throne of some ramshackle Northern kingdom, cursed by a rival’s sorcerer and dumped far away from home. Initially he doesn’t remember and is happy to dumbly follow the characters. Each dawn make a Saving Throw for him. if he makes it  he fully remembers his past, and suddenly demands that the characters follow him as his minions to retake his birth right!

Soul Sucker
“Its so good that you’ll be my friend”
Situation: The characters meet an  defenceless ancient man on some abandoned pathway, each day without fail he gives them each 10 Gold Pieces for them to protect him as they take him somewhere “safe”.

Twist: The man, who can no longer remember his name, was a court sorcerer for one of the Ancient Emperors which he half remembers and babbles on about. In this past he summoned an Other World parasite, a worm like creature that lives within him. It is like a Maggot Master, identical in stats, but with the additional special ability that any character within twenty feet of it looses 1d6 Sanity every hour on a failed Saving Throw. The sanity loss feels like a depression, with thick black clouds coming over the character’s mood. The old man dithers and wants to be stay with his new friends.

Fearless Doomed Hero
“We go Kill Vampire Lord now!”
Situation: An angry young youth, armed and armoured to the teeth, crosses the character’s path and wants them to join his one-man crusade against the evil Vampire Lords!

Twist: The young man is actually a pawn of the Vampires, sent to find new victims by eliciting sympathy for his cause. The youth is completely unaware of this, due to an evil enchantment cast on him when the vampire’s captured him as he tried to rescue his older sister – who may or may not be a Vampire by now.

Dead, Dead and Dead again.
“I’m Igmorogil the Indestructible!”

Situation: A wild eyed berserker, called Igmorogil, runs out of nowhere, attacks the characters and If they kill him he raises from the dead after one to six hours, even if the characters burn his body.

Twist: This tribesman was cursed by a Witch to die a painful bloody death THREE times. On the third time he dies for good. Each time he dies, he comes back a bit more insane and crazed.

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Updates from the Sorcerer

OK so at some point I’ll stop twittering on about product updates or Kickstarter updates, but today here’s two important ones.

  • OpenQuest 2 March 2014 update – if you are interested in what is happening with the various books that were promised as part of the OQ2 campaign (good news contained within update).
  • River of Heaven Kickstarter in its final day - so last chance to support it and get yourself a good deal in the process. It could do with a bit of help since we are within spitting distance of the next stretch goal ( full colour interiors ).
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River of Heaven updates…

Hey you! Yes you! Stop fiddling with your prized 14th Level Drow Fighter/Wizard for a moment and take some time to consider where the River of Heaven Kickstarter is up to:

  1.  About to enter its final week, if you miss out it will be a good six months to you getting the core rule book + other goodness the campaign unlocks.
  2. Talking of goodness, we hit stretch goal 2 so all backers get a pdf of the forty page Last Witness Adventure.
  3. If you are a backer you get early access to the 293 page no art pdf.
  4. If you like OpenQuest/D100 you’ll like this, its D100 in Spaaaaaaaaaaceee!
  5. We’ve been getting good feed back from the backers, see what they say about the game.

So go on what are you waiting for?

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Glorious colour map for Here Be Dragons

This fantastic full colour map by Simon Bray will grace the back cover of the upcoming Here Be Dragons setting/adventure book, due out in March.

Here Be Dragons Map by Simon Bray

Here Be Dragons Map by Simon Bray

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Backer review of River of Heaven

Hey you know I like River of Heaven, but read what a backer has to say.

Things I am Excited to See in the River of Heaven RPG

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Support the D100 Renassiance and get your self a bargin!

There’s never been a better time to get into the joys of D100 or strengthen your commitment.

  • RuneQuest 6 Bundle of Holding – all the RQ 6 line in pdf format, at scandalously low prices until Tuesday 11th.
  • Cakebread and Walton, publishers of Renaissance and Clockwork & Chivalry are 15% off on Drivethru until the end of Feb.
  • D101 is taking part in DriveThru’s Valentine Day sale, so mark the date since here’s your chance to get OpenQuest 2 (and other D101 titles) at a discount.


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GoonQuest – an old inspiration for OpenQuest

By Loren Millar this “Almost Fully-Compatible RuneQuest Variant of” was a big inspiration behind OpenQuest, the difficulty modifiers and skill rankings by experience are directly lifted from it. When I played RQ back in the 90s, and it gradually mutated into OpenQuest, I even had an index file of NPCS :)

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