Wyrdworld Recreated Minitures

As a roleplayer, I don’t do miniatures. It has its roots in my start with the hobby, where it was a choice between RPG books or minis blister packs for my pocket/paper round money. RPGs won out and the rest is history.

Recently I’ve been dipping my toe in minis, mainly through supporting Fenris Games, a British manufacturer who put out some fiercely originally and fantastic work.

I’ve just backed their Wyrdworld Recreated Kickstarter. It’s a huge amount of anthropomorphic fantasy animal characters, full of characters without being twee. Its based on the Wyrdworld Play By Email game (remember those) that they ran when they started up their company.

Oh look they do a Newt figure, that knows Kung-fu (well that’s what I’m assuming the double clubs are for) 😀

Here’s a selection of the figures available 🙂

Piqued your interest, here’s the link again.