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Return to the Furnace

A reflective post about pulling out a scenario that ran 7 years ago as my return to D&D and getting it written up for another GM to run it. Continue reading

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While we wait for the C&T release…

Now ye savages will learn how a Northman fights. Prepare to KISS MY AXE!!! via GIPHY

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Of Dragons Old & Original

Tim Kask writes on his blog of his involvement in the early days of Original D&D (Three Book) and how that transitioned to AD&D.  The following really struck home with me: We all as DM’s created our own worlds in … Continue reading

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Early Games Workshop History

Travel back in time to the 70s/80s using this article on Unplugged Gamers, to withness the birth of Games Workshop at the hands of D&D obbessed Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson……and learn how they became good at playing Squash 😉 … Continue reading

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Old School Call of Cthulhu

The comes a time in any Old School Renaissance blogger’s career when one fondly looks at Call of Cthulhu. Especially relevant to me as a UK OSR blogger since back in the 80s it was one of the Big Four … Continue reading

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Looking forward not back

The announcement of the  RuneQuest 6 Bundle of Holding really got me excited about running a RQ6 campaign. In fact everytime RQ6 gets a big burst of publicity I’m there notebook in hand scribbling away and dreaming up my ultimate … Continue reading

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Double posted from the oringal thread over at the Tavern. I used to be all over this style of play in my teen years. Mainly when I was playing Basic/Expert D&D and AD&D 1st ed. Heck I even wrote a … Continue reading

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Lonewolf kickstarter

So John Dever and Cubicle 7 have teamed up to bring a new version of the Lonewolf RPG to market and they have a Kickstarter to bring it into being.  The initial goal, long pasted, was to create a box … Continue reading

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RuneQuest and me

So last post was me & D&D, so where do I stand as far as the game that I probably reverer more in the Old School stakes? RuneQuest 2 is where the story starts for me. In Pavis in Glorantha … Continue reading

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Too much D&D

So the free version of D&D 5th Edition is out, and I fell strangely underwhelmed. Reason why? Well its probably because in the last four years or so I’ve picked up a small bookshelf worth of D&D Variants. First D&D … Continue reading

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