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Into the Midderlands

OSR Map maker supremo and all round nice guy Glynn Seal of Monkey Blood Design is Kickstarting his Midderlands Book.  This is a setting/ creature book with a short adventure, which comes bundled with a gorgeous large map of the setting. The Midderlands is a fictional medieval fantasy version of the lands around were Glynn lives in English Midlands region.  Continue reading

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Beyond the Pit

Like Monster Manuals? Want the sequel to the seminal Out of the Pit? Want another 250 Fighting Fantasy beasties straight out of the pages of the classic FF books? 250 original images from the likes of Russ Nicholson, John Blanche, … Continue reading

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Bundle of Holding Old School Revivial – what would a UK version look like?

With the recent Bundle of Holding – “Old School Revival” Pdf bundle just gone, and what a fine thing it was, my mind could not help but think what would a UK version look like. Remember this is pure fantasy … Continue reading

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12 Days of UK OSR: Day 5 Woodland Warriors

Hootin’ Heck is it June already? Then I better press on with the 12 Days of the UK OSR, with day 5. Based off Swords and Wizardry, WoodLand Warriors is a nice little book by Simon Washbourne published by his … Continue reading

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Its mine!!!

A nice hard as good as new copy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 1st Edition, from the lovely Gordon Richards. Words will be had about this one oh yes 🙂

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