All hail the Serpent King

One thing about us Brits is that in recent history allot of our Old Skool games have come back with such a strength and presence that it feels that they have never gone away. The big one here of course is RuneQuest, but a big fave from back in the day was Dragon Warriors.

It was republished and re-supported by Magnum Opus a couple of years ago to great acclaim but they decided to stop printing it for financial reasons last year 🙁

Good news a three man consortium of UK RPG Industry veterans Jon Hodgson, Ian Sturlock and Gareth Hanrahan, better known as Serpent King Games have picked up the game and will be making it available again 🙂

Jon gives more details on the ‘continuum’ of the game here

Installing new company. Progress: 96.5%

and a brief run down about what DW is here:

What is Dragon Warriors?

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