Advanced Fighting Fantasy Adventure Creation System on Kickstarter

It’s fitting that Arion Games are kickstarting an Advanced Fighting Fantasy Adventure Creation System, which is a solo-play version of their multiplayer Fighting Fantasy RPG, until the end of the month.

Here’s what they have to say about this 400-page book (!)

Although RPG’s are usually played by a group, some can also be played solo, with the player creating their own adventures using the RPG rules and an appropriate system.  So, a couple of years ago, Arion Games decided that AFF2e was a perfect canditate for this treatment and started work.  Things went quite slowly until last year, at which point the manuscript really started to move forwards, and now it is finally complete and is into the layout process.

Ah but, I hear you say, what has this got to do with me?  Fun as solo RPG’s are, I don’t play them, and only run AFF2e as a group RPG.  Why would I want this book?

Well, this is the clever bit.  The way this book has been written means that the tables, systems and tools within are just as good for creating AFF2e group adventures as they are for creating Solo Adventures.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Adventure Creation System cover

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