Everything you wanted to ask about Crypts and Things Remastered, but were afraid to ask

I did a Q&A over RPG.net Chat on Friday night, the results of which are now up on Dan Davenport’s blog, who very graciously hosted it and gave me through grilling.

If you’ve been wondering about some of the finer detail about what the KS is delivering I’d recommend checking out.

We also smashed through Stretch Goal 4 Port Blackmire while I was doing the chat, and I awake this Sunday morning to find we are but £46 towards Stretch Goal 5 Scourges of a Dying World. I  wonder how long it will take to reach it today 😉


C&T Remastered, two new Stretch Goals

We are in danger of running out of stretch goals. Seeing as 1&2 are funded and 3 is well on the way to being funded. So I thought it best I add some more to the campaign.

Stretch Goal 4 Scourges of a Dying World ($6000)
Siligra Queen of the Serpent People, Krong King of the Battle Apes, Zilon the Terrible (who marches on his Hands), Ternon the Blind  and Iosk the Impenetrable…currently these names are but part of a list of twenty that are named as potential Nemeses for the player characters in Appendix N of the rulebook. If this goal funds I will give them full write ups in their own chapter.

Stretch Goal 5 Secrets of the Serpent People ($6500)
In my own explorations of Zarth the Serpent People crop up again and again. If this stretch goal funds I’ll reveal what I’ve discovered about their history, culture and dark magic, making them a fully fleshed out enemy race.

C&T Kickstarter 49% towards Stretch Goal 2

So we reached Stretch goal 1 on Sunday Morning, courtesy of the UK contingent who were up when I challenged them to drive us over the line, so there will be More Fiends in the monster chapter as well as Cultural Overviews, in the form of  Questions and Answers to a local culture figure, for all eight of the cultures that the player characters can come from. If you are familiar with the old “What My Father Told me” sections from RQ2/RQ3 you’ll know what you are getting here.

Now we move swiftly on to Stretch 2 Haunted Lands Weirdlands Crawl, and at time of writing we are currently at 47% towards it (idly I think can we get there by the end of today 😉 )

C&T Kickstarter nearly at stretch goal one!

Could you be the one who pushes the Crypts and Things Remastered Kickstarter over the first Stretch Goal and scores us all More Fiends in the main rulebook? At time of writing we are but “£23” away from more David M.Wright illustrated goodness.

Added bonus if we cross that line today I’ll add 16 new pages of content, not already down for the stretch goals or in included in the basic goal 😉  Its something I started enthusiastically doing last week by accident, before stopping because realized its not 100% core rule book material. Not essential but nice to have. If we get to £4500 today, I’ll definitely put it in the main book. You’ll also get a preview of it 🙂

UPDATE: They did it, so More Fiends + 16 new pages of content added 🙂

Fiendish Friday: New stretch goals for C&T Remastered

We are currently 65% towards the Stretch Goal of More Fiends on the Crypts and Things Remastered Kickstarter.

As promised here are some of the stretch goals if the Kickstarter continues to go up and up 🙂

NEW! Stretch Goal 2: The Haunted Lands (£5000)
Visit the mysterious village of Wimble on the edge of the Haunted Lands, then explore this small section of Weirdlands, inhabited by scheming witches, undead horrors and other sinister fiends best left alone. What is the secret of Windy Mildark’s Windmill? What happens if you touch the Black Stone Monolith that stands on the edge of Wimble? Are those White Pyramids I can see in the distance and who was Ef and why does he get a statue? All this awaits you in this example Weirdlands crawl.

If we reach this stretch goal I will write up this short Weirdlands adventure to show how you can run adventures beyond the crypt.

NEW! Stretch Goal 3: Port Blackmire (£5500)
“This is an ancient and vile city, ruled by the Pirate King Xanos. Corruption is rife, murder is common, and only Xanos’ blood chilling pacts with Demons keep the numerous gangs under his total control. It is surrounded by “The Black Mire”. This vast and festering swamp is choked with the ruins of a civilisation that predates even that of Myrindor. It is said the gods choked it with its own bile for some slight against them. It is home to pirates and gangs of cutthroats, who use the swamps to mount raids against the rest of the Free Territories.”

Every Swords and Sorcery setting needs a city, where adventurers can rest easy and squander their ill begotten gains between adventures, or perhaps get  dragged into unexpected capers in their home town. If we reach this goal, I will detail and map a living city that can be used for city based adventures and as somewhere for the adventurers to call home.

Crypts and Things now with EXPANDED CONTENT

So I was having a bit of a tidy up on the Crypts and Things Kickstarter, it suddenly stuck me that my stretch goals where not big chunks of work (as I’ve done a fair bit on them any way) and they’d be better off folded into the Basic Goal to give those people who want the Remastered version to have more expanded/new content.

So all this will now be included in the Basic Goal (as well as the streamlined/new rules).

Expanded Life paths. C&T currently has a small twenty entry table that you roll on three times to give your character’s previous experience. Both fans of the current game and play testers of the current Beta say this is not enough, so I’m expanding this idea.

More Spells & Magic Items. I’ll be to revisit the Spell lists and Magic Items chapters and add some more twisted and dark magic into the mix.

The Great Others and their Cultists. I hinted at the presence of these terrifying demons/gods but never detailed them in the 1st edition. I’ll detail them in all their gory glory and David will illustrate them.

Zarth Revealed : Fragments of Fear. The current setting chapter,The Continent of Terror, will go into the Players’ section and I write a new world guide for the Crypt Keeper’s section, called Fragments of Fear. This will focus on the secrets and provide more adventure ideas for each location, as well as encounter tables.

This leaves only More Fiends as a current stretch goal, but I’ve now lowered the goal to £4500, because we’ve had such a positive take up of the Patrons of the Art backer level.

To replace the stretch goals I’ve now folded into the Basic Goal I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I’m going to keep them under my hat until I’ve thought them out properly.

I’ve also added a Add-On for extra copies at low cost, and if you are a Retailer or know a retailer who’d be interested in stocking C&T I’ve added free copies of Blood of the Dragon adventure to the Retail reward level.

Please let others know about this, especially those who’ve looked at the campaign before.

Barbarians of Lemuria – Mythic Edition

Just under a week for this one to run, this is the Swords & Sorcery game by one of my favourite British designers Simon Washbourne brought bang upto date and with art by a cadre of artists including the talented Peter Frain (who is currently doing the art for River of Heaven ).  Its a well formed Kickstarter, and you get the full draft of the game as soon as you sign up.  Recommended.

Beyond the Pit

Like Monster Manuals?

Want the sequel to the seminal Out of the Pit?

Want another 250 Fighting Fantasy beasties straight out of the pages of the classic FF books?

250 original images from the likes of Russ Nicholson, John Blanche, Martin McKenna, John Sibbick, David Gallagher and Terry Oakes?

Then this my friend is your Kickstarter, already funded so completely no-risk.

Also Graham’s a good lad who ships quality product on time, with good communication along the way. I know this from the Blacksand KS earlier this year (which I must review at some point).
Beyond the Pit cover