Tales of the Sorcerer Under the Mountain now live on Kickstarter

From 1st August to 1st of September 12 noon BST

Want a handy travel-sized A5 book of old school fantasy rules with an adventure?  Or maybe you’d just like a D&D 5th adventure based off British Fantasy Roleplaying standards from the 80s? Or perhaps you would like both. Well, this love letter to my early days in the hobby is now Kickstarter until 12 noon on 1st September.

D101 Games Summer Sale!!!
Also even if you aren’t in the market for another Fantasy Roleplaying Game, you can back the Kickstarter at a £1 supporter level which then gives you access to most of D101 Game’s back catalogue at crazy low prices as add-ons. Also available for the duration are a couple of out of print titles (marked * below) Consider it a Summer Sale without getting dragged round the shops.

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2 thoughts on “Tales of the Sorcerer Under the Mountain now live on Kickstarter

    • Awesome!

      We’ve just funded stretch goal 2 and from now on in its all about the adventures. I’ve got 3-4 adventures lined up by D101 Games’ regulars and with the general belief that they should be inspired by British 80s FRP 🙂

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