Want to win a copy of The Road to Hell?

I’ve finished The Road to Hell, it’s currently undergoing a final check with its proofreader, and I anticipate it will be out later this week, early next week to backers.

If you missed the Kickstarter and want the chance to win a copy sign up to our new newsletter by Jan 31st and you’ll be entered into a draw. If you don’t fancy a copy of it, you can choose any of D101’s published books (including the two other books that are coming out very soon).

As a teaser here’s the back cover, art by Dan Barker.


Work completed on The Road to Hell, pre-order soon

So I finished layout work on the Road to Hell last night, all bar pouring over it and checking for typos and layout gaffs. In a way I’m sorry, It’s been the most fun I’ve had working on any of my books. Partially because I’ve got my head in a place where I’ve made that happen, partly because Lamentations of the Flame Princess is just damn well written and a ton of fun to play/write for, but also because of the ace folk who have worked with me on it – from the production crew (Jon Jonny Hodgson, Daniel Barker, Peter Town, Glynn Seal and last but not least Paul Mitchener), the Kickstarter backers who played the various KS promo-games (“name your cultist” and “mention it on social media and I’ll make you a werewolf” ) and the folk who have played it with me during the playtests.

If you missed the KS it’s going to pre-order soon, but I’ll leave you with one of Daniel Barker’s wonderful illustrations of Lord Nick Woulfe of Toft Hall (which is part of Nick Brooke’s prize for winning (along with Neil Benson) the “mention it on social media and I’ll make you a werewolf” KS promo-game).

Sir Nick Woulfe of Toft Hall, by Dan Barker