Crypts & Things cover

Ok so the cover I’ve been showing for Crypts & Things has merely been a placeholder.

Here’s the real deal, drawn by the very talented Jon Hodgson

Bonus points if you can nail who the inspiration behind the axe wielding barbarian is (and no its not a certain Mr Conan πŸ˜‰ ).

27 thoughts on “Crypts & Things cover

    • US Letter i.e. 8 x 11.

      I went all proportional representation on the poll I had about the size.

      Sorry anyone who voted manbag US Trade paperback, but THIS IS D&D not Indie πŸ˜‰

  1. Terrific timing — I’m prepping an old school flavored, swords & sorcery style game, and the task of hacking 4E to suit my needs was looking insurmountable. This looks like just the thing. I know everyone is asking, but WHEN!?! And will it be immediately available in PDF, or only in print?


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