OpenQuest at Big Bad Con

Big Bad Con is a con in the Bay Area , San Fransisco 7-9th October.

Ben Monroe will running the following OpenQuest game

Shadows Grey and Grim

GM: Ben Monroe
System: OpenQuest
Variations: Few
Power Level: Experienced Characters
Experience Required: None (OpenQuest is a BRP-derived fantasy game; the basics of the system can be taught quickly).
Maturity Rating: Mature Themes
Number of Players: 6
Game Length: 6 hours
Characters Provided: Provided: Yes, with room for customization.

The Thane’s son lies struck with fever and madness. The village healer says the only cure for the ailment ccan be found in the Dreadwall Forest: a place of hauntings and legend. You’ve been warned away from the Dreadwall forest since you were a child, but now must brave the dark boughs. Can you find what the child needs, or will you succumb to the terrors of the Dreadwall?

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