OpenQuest , duh still winning!

Ok I’d be the first to admit there’s been a slight slow down on OpenQuest as I focus on getting Crypts & Things done. Not only that but two scheduled supplements have slipped quietly away from OpenQuest. Here be Dragons has gone to a different publisher, and bigger and better things (which is all I’m going to say on the subject for now) and of course now Empires Rising is a HeroQuest supplement (short story it makes more sense that way). So there’s a slight gap in the release scedule since Life and Death was released back in November of last year (oh you’ve not got L&D? Don’t take my word for it but its jolly good ).

Soo what I’m I going to do about that.

OpenQuest Companion – new optional rules (eg. mass combat, social combat, random character gen), new monsters, new spells and GM’s advice on how to use OpenQuest for anytype of fantasy campaign. This is a book of rulesy stuff. eta end of this year.

OpenQuest Adventures – every month or so a 10-30 page adventure in pdf format. When we have enough of these out I’ll collect them and do a printed collection. “The Road to Hell” a very dangerous trip to a minor hell for the unsuspecting characters is the first release. A tough adventure that requires intelligence on the player’s part to survive. Next up is either Tomb of the Evil Emperor by me (another epic) or Hidden Gods by John Ossoway.

The Chronicles of Erun – I’ll announce this one properly later, but this is going to be my standalone OQ powered game. Its going to have allot of the ideas I wittered on about for OQ2 in it, like social conflict and a single magic system. At its core it will be OQ, but there will be enough tweaks and new rules to make it worth looking into if yo like that sort of thing. If you like detailed settings/characters CoE will be right up your street.  eta next year.

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