…to a journey through the misty forests, dark mountains and dangerous cities of Old Skool fantasy role-playing from a UK perspective.

So while we’ll be talking about D101’s own OSR products (the D100 OpenQuest and the upcoming Albion Adventures for Level Based Old Skool Dungeon Develing games), there will be a fair bit of discussion about 80s UK publications like; Fighting Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy First Edition, TSR UK D&D modules and White Dwarf magazine.

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  1. Welcome to the Old School Blogosphere, Newt!

    Some questions:

    1. What is “Albion Adventures“? Does it have any relation to “OpenQuest Classic“?

    2. When will the (fully fixed) final version of OpenQuest, with the new Hodgson cover, be available for order?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Cheers 😀

      Some answers 😉

      1. Nope Albion Adventures is Labyrinth Lord/Osric territory done UK style.

      2. Soon, I’ve got a long weekend so I’ll have to time to do the minor corrections that OQ v5.1 contains. I’ll also have time to finish off Life and Death the next adventure book for OpenQuest. Begining of October for both books. I suspose you’ll be wanting a OQ hardback next 😉

    • I’ve not widely mentioned the new cover because it was something that only came up as an opportunity very very recently (Jon is a very busy man these days)

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