Old Steel Ruins

In three months time I’m off to the 7 Hills Convention (tickets still availble), in Sheffield 18-19 April.

The con has a general theme, last year it was Sci-fi this year its Steel (Sheffield was a major Steel manufacturer). I also traditionally do an OSR game on Saturday night, which this year brings me onto:

Old Steel Ruins (Newt Newport)

System: Crypts and Things

In days of yore hot molten metal poured from the wounded Zarth. Mighty Sorcerers melded it into buildings of glittering Steel. They enslaved the land and the people. Until the Gods themselves were moved by the evil wizards hubris and buried them and their city under hot scolding sky fall ash! So the Steel Empire came to end, its treasures buried for millennia, its location a mystery.

UNTIL NOW! Brave scouts have discovered the City of Steel and have shared its location. Join the expedition to explore the Old Steel Ruins and discover THE SECRET OF STEEL!

An adventure for up to six 5th Level characters, using Crypts and Things a distinctly British Old School game, based upon the classics from the late 70s/early 80s, of Swords and Sorcery Adventure.

Tags: OSR, D&D, Swords & Sorcery, Foul smelly Khaos, Hair caked with the ash of ages, Lightly Gritted Sinews.”

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