Blood of the Dragon reviewed over at Ten Foot Pole blog

Here’s me thinking the whole OSR Blogsphere has gone quiet, especially on the reviews front, when up pops this review over at Ten Foot Pole.  I’m very happy about his review. The reviewer Bryce really gets what I was trying to do with it.   Here’s a snippet.

The setting material is brief: about three pages. Half of that is a timeline and the other half a gazetteer from Hongra the Horny. A) That’s a cool name. b) That’s some tight ass writing to get an entire region in to three pages. C) It’s fucking awesome. Did you read those names in the intro? Tyanos the Black? Black Joop? Nigus the Headless? The Mother of Hydra??! A land where the sky is piercer by rocky spires and the plains a wasteland covered by ash? Come on, that’s some pretty cool stuff right there! The descriptions are ridiculously evocative and leave the mysteries open. This makes your mind race. What is it? Who did that? Was caused that? Your mind then races to fill in the details and that builds on itself. This is EXACTLY the sort of thing I want when looking at this sort of material. I don’t want your entire shitty world explained to me. I want you to leave things open. I want to gaze in wonder at the mysteries. Explaining things kills the mystery.

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