Crypts & Things : Pdf now sent out to pre-orders


PDF version of the game is now complete, and has been sent out to all existing pre-orders 🙂

If you haven’t received your PDF please let me know (

It will also be sent out to all new pre-orders (although please note its a manual process, so there may be a delay of a couple of hours up to a day).

90% of towards the Goal, only a handful of orders needed – so tell your friends, blog/tweet about it, and bag you everyone else a free adventure module 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s ordered so far 🙂

6 thoughts on “Crypts & Things : Pdf now sent out to pre-orders

  1. Wow, what a great surprise! Wasn’t expecting this release for another week! Awesome, thanks Newt! I’m doing an initial breeze-through and so far it’s looking great! Thanks!

  2. A-freakin’-mazing! I’m saving the solid run-through for the weekend, but an easy read has been a joy. Wonderful treat to have the PDF ahead of time — can’t wait to dig in and start making characters.

    Just saw that the drive surpassed the $2k mark ($2,155 at last glance), so I am pestering the post office every day now.


  3. A quick question, on IndieGoGo do I need to enter my name and personal info (address and such) if I just go for the Level 1 PDF only perk?

    Thanks and by the way congrats for attaining your objective!

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