A good couple of days

Things have been ticking over nicely here under the Mountain. Highlights from the bank holiday weekend.

OpenQuest is still Open and Legal, despite some what a troll on various forums with the lack of brain running around saying that now Mongoose has lost the RQ licence the MRQ SRD (which OQ is based on ) is invalid. I have it straight from the folk who matter that OQ is still cool with them 🙂

Crypts & Things reached two milestones this weekend. Internal play testing was completed and much fun was had by all 🙂 In short it survived contact with my players, much grisly fun was had and some useful ‘tweaks’ to the rules were discovered and no show stoppers. Milestone 2 was the completion of 90% of the Crypt Keepers section. All that’s left now is the CK’s advice section, which to be honest I’m going to mull over and take my time. External play testing starts tomorrow, so if you’ve already signed up expect a mail from me.

I’ve gone through my old RQ notes from the early 90s and found an absolute gold mine of material. I was thinking the other day it would be nice to have an OpenQuest scenario book of quick easy adventures, that are reasonably straightforward but still ooze D100 style. I was looking at writing this from scratch, then my old notes provided a good 5 scenarios worth 🙂 Obviously I’m going to have to put the time in expanding them from note form, but the basic ideas are there and that’s half the battle.

Finally the notes also offered up a good deal of potential OpenQuest goodness in the form of stats, which gives me a head start on my Karia book – which is a write up of my old Gloranthan campaign. Initially this book was going to be for HeroQuest only, but after a quick chat with the good folk at Issaries Inc they are happy for me to have OQ stats in the book 🙂 Karia was the RQ3 campaign where allot of the ideas emerged from so its nice to see the circle completed. To say that I’m a bit over giddy about his an understatement.

So the long-weekend was good for both OQ & C&T 🙂

10 thoughts on “A good couple of days

  1. Yay! Between this news and getting a peek at Airship Pirates, I’m bouncing around like the Energizer Bunny on speed!


    – Neil.

  2. Hi Newt, was reading your posts about the development of a game, which seems to be moving forward at a steady pace, and thought you might be interested in a link exchange. I admin a modest games site and blog directory with page rank 5 (lots of visits daily), and I think listing your blog there would help people get to know of your project. If you are interested in a link exchange, let me know. Good luck!


  3. Very good news indeed. I am very much looking forward to Crypts & Things. And an OpenQuest scenario book, are you kidding me??? Yes, please!

  4. Hi Newt, this sounds awesome – an OQ scenario book would rock! Are you still looking for playtesters? If so, I’d love to take part.

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