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In another life I’m a BIG fan of narrative style games like HeroQuest and Wordplay.  While in somerespects they share the same back to basics approach as the OSR, in that they trim out the unneccessary rules clutter and focus on the game, the mechanics are very much more abstract,

However I’ve found through play that the essiential feel of ‘old school’ play can be emulated to a high degree by using these systems.  My home group had a bit of ‘Summer of Old School’ using HeroQuest and Wordplay.

“Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Dungeoneering” was the result of the one shot HeroQuest game, were we deliberatly set out to run an D&D conversion.

HeroQuest Dungeoneering coversThe latest in the “Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Fantasy” Pdf series has now been released.

Grab it from DriveThruRpg.com.

Welcome to the world of Old School done New School! This ‘Genre Pak’ aims to emulate the feel and excitement of those early dungeon based adventures of the 70s/80s. It is designed so you can quickly and easily generate heroes, pick up the small amount of genre specific rules, and then head down the example dungeon. If you are looking to introduce your players       to HeroQuest, in a setting that should be familiar and comfortable to all of them, this is

Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Dungeoneering is split into five sections.

1. Hero generation. Four class keywords and four racial keywords, with guidance on how to create old school heroes of Sword and Sorcery.

2. Magic. Gives Vancian Magic as a magic framework, with example spells and magic items.

3. Monsters. Guidance on how to convert your favourite old school monster to HeroQuest.

4. Dungeon Design. A frame work for quickly creating dungeon based adventures.

5. The Catacombs of Zaz. An example medium level dungeon.

I’ve also got a rewrite of The Road Less Travelled, that is the introductory adventure for OpenQuest, for Wordplay in the works.  this will be a free release, and you can combine it with Wordplay Basics, which is just the system recently released as a free pdf over at Drivethrurpg.com, to have a free go of the system.

The Road Less Travelled

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