Getting back my teenage gaming years

As I developed as a gamer in  my early-mid twenties I had a bit of a clear out. For reasons that I’ll moan about in a later post, I got rid of my Advanced Dungeons and Dragons collection. A couple of weeks ago via the magic of Ebay I got it back and then some!

7 thoughts on “Getting back my teenage gaming years

  1. Nice haul!

    I’m especially impressed by the good condition of everything in the photograph. (At least it all looks to be in very good condition.) My own collection, for the most part, is somewhat more weathered.

  2. Sa-weeeet! But where are the Slavers series A1-A4? Just kidding… sorta. Probably my favorite 1st ed *AD&D* mods – and the ones that bring back the most memories (AD&D, specifically, that is – I’m more of a B/X sucker, but AD&D is right there too). – Additionally, LOVE the Fighting Wheel you have there! Pretty sure I’ve never found one of those. Now you’ll have me looking for one of those… DRAT!

    Great way to get your gaming youth back, bud. Enjoy your haul!

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