New upcoming Kickstarters from the Brit-Pack

It looks like September is a hot month* for Kickstarters from a bunch of creative friends of mine.

Opening later today is Paul Baldowski’s Sanction RPG. Taking the system from his wonderfully concise and focused Elizabethan game The Dee Sanction, Paul opens it up to any setting where a quick, no-nonsense challenge-based system is needed. It also has a sequel to the Dee Sanction, set in the reign of Henry VIII, where the characters explore the ruins of the Abbeys after the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Next up is the next supplement for the mighty Beowulf RPG by Haniwork Games. This supplement brings a kingship phase to the game with all that entails.

Also, they’ve put together a four-page preview available now.

If you like a bit of Duck in your game, Gloranthan or otherwise, fellow Duck Fanatic Ian of Fenris Games is bringing a small, perfectly formed range of minis to the gaming table, and I believe some adventures for Dragonbane.

Finally I’d be remiss not to mention Beyond Dread Portals, which although its being published by myself, is by my good friend and colloaborator Paul Mitchener (Liminal, Age of Arthur). Opens in a couple weeks.

Notes * September at the moment is the hottest on record, as we swelter through a heatwave. Due to end next week, when normal rainy service resumes!