Crypts and Things Masters series

Ladies, Gentlemen and Wild Things of all ages, I am proud to announce the Crypts and Things UK Masters Series of adventure modules, coming from D101 Games starting in late 2012 with modules coming every month or so throughout 2013.

The Masters series will highlight the work of some of the best adventure writers in the UK today. Here’s the current line up of eight Masters.

  • Simon Bray, one half of Unspoken Word team who brought out numerous Gloranthan adventures/settings in the 90s/00s and co-author of the upcoming Here be Dragons setting/adventure pack for OpenQuest.
  • Scott Dorward, infamous convention gamesmaster and horror aficionado.
  • Neil Gow, author of the Napoleonic storytelling game Duty and Honour and its nautical sequel Beat to Quarters, which goes out via his small press imprint Omnihedron Games.
  • Paul Mitchener, author of Blood of the Gods for Wild Talents published by Arc Dream publishing, co-author of the upcoming Here be Dragons setting/adventure pack for OpenQuest and Age of Arthur an upcoming FATE game to be published by Wordplay Games.
  • Phil Harris, convention games master of numerous years and organiser of Conpulsion convention held annually in Edinburgh.
  • Rik Kerhsaw-Moore, was a long standing member of the Kult of Keepers Call of Cthulhu demo team, author of The Company (d101 games D100 Modern Military role-playing game)
  • Mike Mason, part of the team that put Dark Heresy together, and co-author of the upcoming Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, ex leader of the Kult of Keepers.
  • John Ossoway, author of Cthulhu Rising, co-author of The Savage North for OpenQuest and the upcoming Hard Sci-fi game River of Heaven.

Each Master will produce one 20-40 page adventure module for Crypts and Things, drawing on their intimate knowledge of the games’ Sword and Sorcery heritage, both literary and gaming, to produce a gaming experience full of surprises, thrills and chills for a variety of settings and level ranges.

More details as they emerge from the creative forges…