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Happy Birthday Clark Ashton Smith

The Patron Saint of Crypts and Things Crypt Keepers everywhere 🙂 Read the master at The Eldritch Dark.

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Crucible of Dragons – An OpenQuest/D100 Sandbox setting

Bit of shameless self-promotion here about the upcoming “Crucible of Dragons” setting/adventure book (or “A Manual of Exploration of the Island of Pherae” as I’m calling it). If I don’t do it no one else will (OQ2 reviews anyone 😉 … Continue reading

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Finally….The Blood of the Dragon, 1st Draft complete

Finally its all come together and the first draft is done 🙂 Girls, Boys and wild things of all ages I proudly present…. The Blood of the Dragon “Under a land shrouded in volcanic ash punctuated by rocky spires that … Continue reading

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Upon Suicidal Winds they came…

Treygor, Elda and Morstor trudged over the sands. They were tired, hungry and Treygor ever the canny barbarian feared that his companions were beginning to suffer adversely the effects of the journey thorough the never ending desert. Elda in particular … Continue reading

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