Lost Fools of Atlantis

Only me! On Kickstarter again with a fantastic little game called Lost Fools of Atlantis. It’s err like a Fantasy game (honest), in that it has fantastic elements and stars the player characters as survivors of the Fall of Atlantis navigating a world riddled with conspiracies of their own making in the modern day.  If you are familiar with Robert Anton Wilson’s and Robert Shea’s Illuminatus Trilogy, that’s one (of many) inspirations for the game. And that’s officially a Science-Fantasy book. Right?

“But my players only like D&D”. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. This short article explains how you can get them to enjoy the silky narrative cool of Lost Fools in the cosy familiar environment of Dungeons with Dragons.

Also, the Early Bird period ends at midnight tonight. All backers who have backed in the first five days get a special gift of a supplement called … 5 Days!  So what are you waiting for, run not walk and go back Lost Fools of Atlantis.


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