Looking for a new Fantasy RPG?

On the one hand, it’s sad that the worry and upset surrounding WoTC’s new OGL makes existing players want to move games, but if you are in that boat, fear not OpenQuest, while firmly D100 based, may be a suitable alternative.

One game design goal for OpenQuest was to be accessible and welcoming for gamers more familiar with a certain World’s Favourite Fantasy RPG. This is reflected in the default setting, which is very early-medieval period, has orcs, goblins, and other familiar fantasy races from myth and legend. But also, the system is at the simpler end of the D100 spectrum without losing any features. The OpenQuest main rule book is a complete all-in-one book with all the rules, a complete bestiary, an example setting and a complete adventure.

Interested? Read the full article over at OpenQuestRpg.com.

Also, within the next month or so, I’ll be releasing OpenQuest Dungeons, which along with two adventures, has advice for new Referees and players on how to run D100 in the familiar environment of the Dungeon.

OpenQuest Dungeons, cover by Jon Hodgson

OpenQuest Dungeons, cover by Jon Hodgson


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