A Bit of a Dust Off

This is one of those, omg I’ve just updated this site not realising how out of date some sections are, sort of posts.

If you are a long-time visitor, the Products page has had a big update, since it was about four years out of date and didn’t reflect the large number of books I’ve put out over that time. Oh and it was still showing OpenQuest 2nd edition as a thing, and we are comfortably one year into OpenQuest 3rd edition being out.  So if you are not sure what I do as D101 Games in the fantasy tabletop space check out the following page.

The links to Fiendish Friday and UK OSR category pages have gone since I’ve not been creating content for either for an embarrassing amount of time.  This has got me thinking about what I should be writing for the blog. I think the most obvious one, apart from talking about my own stuff is things like the series of reviews I’m planning for Mythras. Also, the BOSR review seems to have fallen by the wayside over the last couple of months. Also, I think a general where I’m at with the OSR sort of blog post is in order.

Looking at the archives, The Sorcerer turns twelve this coming September, and its heartwarming to see there’s life in the old blog yet 🙂


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