What’s Changed Since the Start of the Campaign?

Its nearly the begining of the end of the Tales of the Sorcerer Under the Mountain Kickstarter campaign, which enters its last 48 hours in a couple of hours, so its time take stock and see what has funded.

As well as the basic goal, five stretch goals have been funded, including two new adventure modules (Fires from the Deep & The Curse of the Emerald Swan). Finally, we are currently funding The Jungles of Ruin by Guy Milner, which will very likely fund in the last days of the campaign.

+ Community Extras have been added as we gained backers, which give in total an extra 40-45 pages of content to each backer.

  • 4 Sunday Dungeons (one-page adventures) in pdf form.
  • 9 Monsters are People pdfs. We will likely reach the 10th pdf at 240 backers, at which point it will the individual pdfs will be collected into a single pdf which will be available in POD.

+ Two new Rewards.

  • Shield Bearer Pledge Levels for those people who want me to send them the OSR Rulebook and/or 5th Edition adventure to them directly.
  • Sorcerer Under the Mountain Pledge Level. A high tier backer reward for people who want signed copies of everything the campaign produces in print, signed by the author and sent to them directly (4 of 5 remaining).

Oh and Jon Hodgson did this cover for Fires from the Deep

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