The Zarth Tourist Bureau is open for business!

Jeff Sparks (aka Bighara) has open the doors of his Crypts & Things fan blog “Zarth Tourist Bureau” and his done a very reasonable four part review of Crypts and Things Remastered:


The Zarth Tourist Bureau recommends you drink responsibly 😀

Crypts and Things Remastered one week after

First off a big big thanks for everyone who has brought the game so far. Its been one of the best opening weeks of sales for any of my games and is still going strong. If you’ve bought a copy you and the Glorious Backers of the Kickstarter have assured the game’s future in sense that I’ve got the customer base to do big supplements in the future.

Its already gone Copper at, been in and out of the the top ten Small press chart (position 5 was its highest) over the last week which has been fun to watch on a day to day basis.

There’s small number of five star reviews over at Folk seem to like it 🙂

Here’s some excepts:

“This game pulls from some of my favorite source material: Conan, Elric, Weird Tales, Lovecraft, etc., The O.G. Dungeonmaster’s Guide, Fiend Folio, Stormbringer, music inspirations that remind me of my high school days (old Metallica, Slayer, etc). Magic is powerful and mean (no saving throws, though player characters can “test their luck” to mitigate some dangers). The selection of beasts is a mix of Howard/Lovecraft and others. Magical treasures are reminiscent of Warhammer Fantasy (unique and often consequence laden). Corruption and sanity serve as balancers to the corrupting forces of black magic (yeah, I used corrupting to define Corruption. Big C vs little c. Just go with it, it works.).

What I’m saying here is: the game has an incredible atmosphere that the rules firmly back up. This is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of a game.”

Allen H customer.

“An amazing blend of old school D&D with a classic sword and sorcery sensibilities (Conan etc). The rules are streamlined with luck replacing saving throws much like old school Fighting Fantasy.
Magic lite with a sparkle of the weird, very much the product of British writer. All wrapped up in a unique world that is fun to explore.”

Neil Shaw customer.

“OK ,do you like OSR Rules?
Are you prepared for a game without Clerics?
Still with me?
Then boy Oh boy do I have the game for You!”

Bob Peterson. customer.