Crypts and Things Remastered Assembled!

I’ve finally edited all the new content (140 pages!) along side the existing Crypts and Things material (150 pages). Its a double the size of the 1st Edition, since as well as the revision of the existing rules, the backers of the Kickstarter voted with money to expand the content (five new character classes, new setting information etc).

So here’s the current break down by chapter of what’s going to be in the book.

This main rule-book is split into two parts, the Players’ Scrolls of Wonder and the Crypt Keepers’ Book of Doom.

The Scrolls of Wonder

Behold brave Heroes and Heroines emerge from the broken lands of the Continent of Terror to bring their own style of Freedom to the oppressed masses!

This first part of the book contains everything that the Players need to know to play their alter-egos in their adventures in the dying world of Zarth.

The first chapter details the process of Creating a Character.

Crypts and Things has nine Character Classes and this reference chapter, since it is used alongside chapter 1 above, details both the Core Character Classes of familiar Swords and Sorcery literature (Barbarians, Fighters, Sorcerers and Thieves) and the Exotic Character Classes (Beast Hybrid, Disciple, Elementalist, Lizard Person and Serpent Noble) which are inspired by Swords and Sorcery literature and the setting of Zarth.

Life Events is another reference chapter used alongside chapter 1, that has all the random tables needed to create characters with backgrounds and special abilities coming from their life history before they started adventuring.

If you are spell casting class (Sorcerer or Elementalist) you’ll want to refer to the Spell Lists chapter to see what magical powers your character has.

How to Play contains all the rules, such as Combat and Sanity, you’ll need to play the game. It outlines how the dice are used to resolve in game situations, when common sense roleplaying doesn’t quite get there.

The Continent of Terror is the Player’s overview of the setting. It may not be exactly what their characters know, since most of the characters come from areas which are isolated from the rest of the world, but it’s a quick orientation for the players so they have an idea of what the adventuring opportunities their characters may have.

The final chapter is What My Elder Told Me. These are questions and answers for each of the eight human cultures that the player characters typically come from. They are intended to give players a better understanding on how to roleplay their characters and hints of the wider setting background their characters come from.

The Book of Doom

Tremble mere mortals. This blasphemous knowledge is for the eyes of the Crypt Keeper only, for they are the Keeper of Secrets of the Sunless Vaults of Zarth.

This second part of the book isa collection of reference articles that helps the Referee of the game, The Crypt Keeper, run the game.

The first five chapters deal with setting information about Zarth’s Continent of Terror.

Secrets of the Continent of Terror is the Crypt Keeper’s setting chapter, which details

Dealing with Others is a short chapter on how the Crypt Keeper should deal with the issue of summoning the Demonic Others to Zarth.

The Greater Others and their Works details three of the Godlike Demons, their servants, cultists and associated Religions.

The five Scourges of the Dying World are player character Nemeses who can be used as reoccurring villains in your adventures.

Snake Dance is a chapter which details the Serpent Men, who can be seen as the major antagonists of the Continent of Terror, their history, their society and the ways that they attempt to enslave mankind.

The next two chapters deal with various game objects that the Crypt Keeper can used to populate their adventures.

A Compendium of Fiends is full bestiary chapter of XX creatures, monsters and opponents that crawl, gibber and slither under the Locust Sun of Zarth.

Ill Gotten Gains of Dark Desire starts off with a short article on Treasure generation and then goes on to detail fifty magical items of dubious power and dangerous nature.

The next three chapters present three different types of Adventure as working examples.

The Halls of Nizar-Thun is an introductory underground adventure taking place in a old sorcerer’s palace for beginning adventurers.

The Haunted Ground is a Weird lands adventure, where the characters explore a dark and twisted land in search of a kidnapped child.

Port Blackmire is a setting for City Based Adventures. This city state ruled by the Pirate Captain of a demonic pirate fleet, can be used by the characters as a place to rest up and sell treasure gained on adventures as well as being a source of its own adventures.

Finally Notes from the Abyss is a collection of short articles, random tables and lists of inspirational reading and listening material to help the Crypt Keeper in their job of running entertaining adventures for both themselves and the players.

I’ve got a final bit of self-editing to do and then its all off to others to proof read. Estimated time of arrival end of March 🙂

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  1. Who is with me in starting an edition war?!! 1st edition forever!

    Seriously though, this is all sounding very impressive.

    But does this mean that my first edition will become a collectors item?

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