In my intray the Empire of Ys!

Its official Dr Mitch (aka Paul Mitchener)   is an RPG Writing Machine.

In between top sekret work of for other publishers (and another seminal piece for D101 that I’m keeping the lid on for the moment) he’s submitted, the Empire of Ys

This is his tribute to D&D, which is inspired by a love of Planescape and a style of play that revolves around exploration for the Empire of the title and the machinations of the movers and shakers of the setting rather than simple dungeon crawling.  Its a self contained game of 12 chapters, 201 pages,including a starter adventure (but bear in mind you start at 3rd Level). Overall its got enough character of its own for me (and you) to give it time amongst all the D&D love letters out there.

Date of release, certainly not until the behemoth that is Crypts & Things is out, so cautiously early next year.

There will be a playtest, I will do a call in a couple of months once I’ve done my editorial pass 😉

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