Embarking on a Quest to UK Games Expo!!

Okay dokey, tomorrow me and my wingman Guy are driving down to the home of Metal, aka Birmingham, to set up shop at UK Games Expo.

Friday afternoon the show opens up to the public and carries on till Sunday.

D101 Games is in the Monarch hall and I’ll be trading on Stand 23 🙂

I’ve got OpenQuest Deluxe and the entire range of adventures, River of Heaven + Reunion and I’ve found a box of Crypts and Things 1st Ed, which I’m going to let go for a bargain price. This is in addition to our other games like Monkey, and our Gloranthan Fanzines, of which I’ll be releasing Hearts in Glorantha 1-5 Collected and Gloranthan Adventures Issue 2.

So come up and see us, buy a book (or three) and have a chat. I might even have some C&T 2 art work to show off 😉

Some of the books I'll be selling at UK Games Expo.

Some of the books I’ll be selling at UK Games Expo.


Luther Arkright for RuneQuest 6

Bryan Talbot is one of the UK’s best comic artists and writers.  He has numerous credits for 2000AD inc. Judge Dredd and most famously Nemesis the Warlock in the 80s and is therefore officially British Old School.

If that wasn’t enough he’s got his own creator owned title, Luther Arkwritght, that he’s been working on since the 70s. It’s an exciting multiverse hopping saga that is spans across two epic comic collections, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of the Empire. Its got elements of Steam Punk, occultism, mad science, satire on the British monarchy and society. In short its a rich setting ripe with story telling potential…

…and The Design Mechanism are doing a self-contained RPG powered by RQ6.

Oh my I think I’ve wet myself with glee 🙂

Here’s the cover that they just released (comments on the G+ thread indicates its currently in proof).

Arkwright-Cover-Low-Res-SmallMore about the game in the press release that originally announced it back in 2012.

If you want to check out the comic as well as the collected versions available via Amazon, there’s a CD with everything + notes and commentaries over at Bryan Talbot’s own site.