More adventures for the C&T Remastered Kickstarter

A late one this, I’ve just added two more add-on adventures to the C&T Remastered Kickstarter, bringing the number of available adventures up to Five! I’ve also added a New Backer level of Sorcerer (£35) which gives you pdf+ at cost POD print copies of all five adventures + a hardcover rulebook.

Briefly the new adventures are the sequels to UK S01 Blood of the Dragon and are part of the Spire’s Trilogy.

UK S02 The Dark Path
This module takes the characters into the Stinking Marsh, a twisted weird land where nature has been befouled by powerful magic in ancient times. As well as a quick guide to the lands of the Stinking Marsh and its inhabitants, the module has two adventures. The Dark Path itself and Terror At Black Rock.


UK S02 Fort Boneguard

Moving northwards from the Stinking Marsh the adventurers arrive in the bleak and devastated Bonefields, the site of an ancient holocaust where an entire civilisation was destroyed by magical warfare. Unbelievably there is a small outpost , the Fort Boneguard of the title, hanging on despite constant attacks from the Bonefield’s undead inhabitants. This is a sandbox adventure, which suggests lots of plots and events but leaves the direction of play completely up to the players.


Both are 75%-90% written and I’m aiming to land them in the 30 – 40 page count.

Yesterday was a good day for UK OSR

In the hustle and bustle of the Crypts and Thing Remastered Kickstarter, I missed mentioning a couple of other UK OSR releases….

First off for the Mighty RuneQuest 6 is the The Taskan Taskan Empire Cover SmallEmpire by Jonathan Drake . This was previously part of the “Age of Treason – The Iron Simulacrum” release by Mongoose but its now updated to RQ6 and available via Lulu.

Companion Volume to Shores of Korantia, The Taskan Empire takes you into the fraught world of the Immortal Emperor Zygas Taga, embodied in the fearsome, magically animated avatar, The Iron Simulacrum.
This 105 page book provides a full overview of the empire, it people, customs, religion and more. Character creation rules for Taskan characters are provided as are rules for cults, new spells and the way Taskan religion is indelibly bound into the lives of all who live in the Simulacrum’s shadow.
You can purchase in two ways. The PDF on its own is available from (and in the RuneQuest Supplements category) for just $5.99. Or, you can buy the Print on Demand copy from our Lulu site ( If you buy the Lulu copy, you get the PDF free of charge. Just email us at designmechanism AT gmail DOT com and attach a copy of your Lulu receipt. We’ll send you a redemption code for the PDF from our own website.

Then Cakebread and Walton have released Skull Cove for its Pirates & Dragons, for both the huge tome D100 version (powered by an adapted version of Renaissance) and their rules lite One Dice system, which also includes stats for OSR D&D.

In the distant reaches of the Skull-Cove1-300x336Dragon Isles lies a quiet cove, where friendly pirates welcome the Adventurers to their small settlement. But all is not as it seems – there is a dark secret behind the smiles of the inhabitants…

This adventure for Pirates & Dragons includes statistics for both the Renaissance and OneDice versions of the game, as well as retro-clone stats. It is intended to be used with the large scale colour map of Skull Cove presented by DramaScape. Both can be bought together – look for the discounted bundle!

Note: The Dramascape map package also contains a completely different take on the island, for the Savage Worlds system. RenaissanceOneDice and retro-clone stats are provided in this product for that adventure.

You can buy this product from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.

Crypts and Things now with EXPANDED CONTENT

So I was having a bit of a tidy up on the Crypts and Things Kickstarter, it suddenly stuck me that my stretch goals where not big chunks of work (as I’ve done a fair bit on them any way) and they’d be better off folded into the Basic Goal to give those people who want the Remastered version to have more expanded/new content.

So all this will now be included in the Basic Goal (as well as the streamlined/new rules).

Expanded Life paths. C&T currently has a small twenty entry table that you roll on three times to give your character’s previous experience. Both fans of the current game and play testers of the current Beta say this is not enough, so I’m expanding this idea.

More Spells & Magic Items. I’ll be to revisit the Spell lists and Magic Items chapters and add some more twisted and dark magic into the mix.

The Great Others and their Cultists. I hinted at the presence of these terrifying demons/gods but never detailed them in the 1st edition. I’ll detail them in all their gory glory and David will illustrate them.

Zarth Revealed : Fragments of Fear. The current setting chapter,The Continent of Terror, will go into the Players’ section and I write a new world guide for the Crypt Keeper’s section, called Fragments of Fear. This will focus on the secrets and provide more adventure ideas for each location, as well as encounter tables.

This leaves only More Fiends as a current stretch goal, but I’ve now lowered the goal to £4500, because we’ve had such a positive take up of the Patrons of the Art backer level.

To replace the stretch goals I’ve now folded into the Basic Goal I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I’m going to keep them under my hat until I’ve thought them out properly.

I’ve also added a Add-On for extra copies at low cost, and if you are a Retailer or know a retailer who’d be interested in stocking C&T I’ve added free copies of Blood of the Dragon adventure to the Retail reward level.

Please let others know about this, especially those who’ve looked at the campaign before.