Enter the Disciple

We’ve come along way since I last posted here. Stretch Goal 5 Scourges of a Dying World has funded. The evil schemes of the Serpent Folk have been revealed by funding Stretch Goal 6

I added a whole load of new add-ons, a couple of new backer levels and a final set of Stretch goals in the following Update.

I’ve left the best for last for those of you who’ve been wondering about extra character classes. The first two expand the ‘core’ set of Swords & Sorcery classes in the book, then the next three are Race-as-Clases and the final two reflect the fine tradition of mixing Oriental Classes with standard classes that British RPG magazines and gamebooks of the 80s indulged in.

  • Stretch Goal 6 Disciple (£7000) FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 7 Elementalist (£7500) FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 8 Lizard People (£8000) FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 9 Beast Hybrid (£8500)
  • Stretch Goal 10 Serpent Noble (£9000)
  • Stretch Goal 11 Samurai (£9500)
  • Stretch Goal 12 Ninja (£10000)

Shush here comes one of the new classes now…

“Into the Abyss the black cloaked figure crept. No common thief was this. The scaly Lizard men guards discovered this as their faces were shattered by a series of well aimed flying kicks. The Great Demon of the Abyss tried desperately to resist the Five-Finger Rose Mantra that the assailant drew in the air between them, but to no avail. It crumbled into ash under the blazing light of illumination. Barely pausing the Disciple of the Ruby Throne, bent down before the pile of ash, and picked up the Glorious Jade Staff of the Ancients that the Demon had possessed for millennia. Whirling in the air, the Disciple turned and headed back up the stone carved stairs from whence she came…”

Enter the Disciple, stretch Goal 6 funded!

Now onwards and upwards to Stretch Goal 7…The Elementalist!

Last three days. If you’ve backed many thanks for your support. If you are still sitting on the fence now is the time for action 🙂

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