C&T Kickstarter nearly at stretch goal one!

Could you be the one who pushes the Crypts and Things Remastered Kickstarter over the first Stretch Goal and scores us all More Fiends in the main rulebook? At time of writing we are but “£23” away from more David M.Wright illustrated goodness.

Added bonus if we cross that line today I’ll add 16 new pages of content, not already down for the stretch goals or in included in the basic goal 😉  Its something I started enthusiastically doing last week by accident, before stopping because realized its not 100% core rule book material. Not essential but nice to have. If we get to £4500 today, I’ll definitely put it in the main book. You’ll also get a preview of it 🙂

UPDATE: They did it, so More Fiends + 16 new pages of content added 🙂

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