Magicians of Zarth

Sorcerer by David Micheal Wright

Sorcerer by David Micheal Wright

The following is from a little something I’m working on for Crypts and Things.

Sorcerers are solo sorcerers who have recognised their own power and bow to no demon or deity.

Other forms of magicians who may be encountered in Zarth are as follows:

Vivimancers. Practitioners of the foul and depraved art of Vivimancy, which creates such blasphemies as the killer man goat of Zorx! This was originally the magic of the Serpent Men, who in their tyranny saw all others as their property and slave. They were always looking to create better servants by hybridising different races under their control.

Shamans. They practice an aboriginal type of magic that arises when humans worship their ancestors and the powerful sprits that exist in nature.

Necromancers. They speak with the dead and summon them from the ashes of Zarth to do their bidding.

Priests. Slaves to the Other Gods or Elemental Lords. They in turn use their magic to enslave their followers in secretive cults.

Sorcerers may learn their magic; they may for example learn the Ritual to Summon the Great Other which a cult worships, or the Fireball spell that is traditionally taught by the worshippers of the Elemental Lord of Fire. They may also find in old sorcerer’s stash of scrolls spells to summon Ancestor Spirits in a ritual that a tribal shaman would recognise. Such spells are often stripped of any reverence or dogma that the native traditions have, the Sorcerer achieving results through sheer force of Will. This is another reason why Sorcerers are hated by other magicians, because they can so easily ‘steal’ their magic and not have to follow the rules.

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