Dungeon World at the Bundle of Holding

Another promo post from me but this time its for a worthy cause – the lastest Bundle of Holding this time for Dungeon World.

Dungeon World is my current go-to system for quick one shots if we are missing players for my Home game, or if we are between games. Its quick and fast, creating characters is a breeze (a five min tick box experience). Although its firmly from the narrative/storytelling/indie side of design its written with enough love for old school gaming that it captures the essense of that style, without dealing with some of the more tedious elements of old school rules.

I did a quick review about it earlier in the year:

The basic bundle comes with the rules + 4 adventures, and if you stump up more groats you get the amazing , Adventures on Dungeon Planet (Planetary romanace), Class Warfare (DIY Class creation manual) and Terrors of an Ancient World (Monster Manual) plus another adventure (Servants of the Cinder Queen) and Funnel World (rules for using Dungeon Crawl Classic’s Character Funnel).


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