Burnt out by the Furnace

I’m shattered. Its day three after my return from Furnace and I’m still cream crackered 🙂

Even though I was marginally geared towards the Storygames side of D101’s output, there was a lot of good stuff that came out of talking to folk and playing games.

  • OpenQuest is still highly regarded by some of the folk that helped put it together. Thanks Graham and Tom 🙂
  • Talking of OpenQuest, had a chat with Dr Mitch and he’s going to be throwing one of his adventures set in Ancient Rome into OpenQuest Adventures, the last bit of the great OpenQuest 2 IndieGoGo campaign (which has streatched to long).  Bigger update on this soon but this means I’ll have a complete five adventure book come this XMAS.
  • Crypts and Things still sold well at the stall, and people liked the teaser image I showed them (see last couple of posts, and yes I told them what it was).
  • My minimalist D100 system Mediyfal went down a treat even though we didn’t get through half of the Scenario Bad King John, so there will have to be a part 2 at 7 Hills in April next year (18-19 April, the same venue) and possibly a part 3 at Furnace 2015.
  • After years in the wilderness on the UK con scenes D&D is firmly on the menu with games of D&D 5th and 13th Age being run alongside the new shiney games (such as Savage World and Fate).

So Furnace was very very good as usual. You see here in Little Northern Britian we don’t need none of this large GenCon nonsense to have fun 🙂

More fun incoming April 18-19th at 7 Hills, Furnaces’ little sister. I’ll be there 🙂

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