Furnace wards we go!

Its that time of year and I’m off to Furnace a weekend convention in Sheffield.  I’ve mainly got my storytelling games hat on this year (Fate, Wordplay and Tenra Bansho Zero on Saturday) but I’m also debuting Mediyfal (Medi – for Medieveal and Yfal which is Old English) a Weird Fantasy game set in Middle Ages, with this scenario.

Bad King John

The Year is 1216 of our Lord

All of England is aware of King John the First’s public shortcomings as a king. His unsuccessful wars to retrieve English lands in France, paid for by an ever increasing tax burden on his people. How his impiety and refusal to play along with the church has got the Pope to publicly declare him an Atheist! His falling out with his Barons, who are at war with him after he annulled the Magna Carta, a mighty document of law to curtail his reckless spending, which they forced him to sign at the start of the summer.

As bondsmen of the Bishop of Norwich, a close ally of the King, you’ve also seen his majesty at his worst first hand at court. The drunken murderous rages and the blasphemous words that froths constantly at his lips. The pale faces of those who cross him when they know they are going to be ‘disappeared’ by his lackeys after spending a cruel night as his plaything. Whispers at court say he is in league with the devil, but you know he is willingly possessed by Satan!

Now your Liege Lord has has called upon you to serve him. So with heavy heart you prepare to take yourselves through dark pagan woods that surround the god forsaken port of Bishop’s Lynn, on the North Norfolk coast, where the King and his army currently camp. You suspect heavily that the mad bad king intends to take his army across the stinking marsh of the Wash to do battle with the rebel Barons in neighbouring Lincolnshire. It’s September now and the weather is turning bad. This will be an ill journey, where cunning, treachery, and baseness will have to be employed to keep body and soul together.

This one has been a fun one to put together. It started out as a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game, but its grown into a hack of OpenQuest and from that its own thing (an extremely light D100 varient).


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