River of Heaven updates…

Hey you! Yes you! Stop fiddling with your prized 14th Level Drow Fighter/Wizard for a moment and take some time to consider where the River of Heaven Kickstarter is up to:

  1.  About to enter its final week, if you miss out it will be a good six months to you getting the core rule book + other goodness the campaign unlocks.
  2. Talking of goodness, we hit stretch goal 2 so all backers get a pdf of the forty page Last Witness Adventure.
  3. If you are a backer you get early access to the 293 page no art pdf.
  4. If you like OpenQuest/D100 you’ll like this, its D100 in Spaaaaaaaaaaceee!
  5. We’ve been getting good feed back from the backers, see what they say about the game.

So go on what are you waiting for?

Support the D100 Renassiance and get your self a bargin!

There’s never been a better time to get into the joys of D100 or strengthen your commitment.

  • RuneQuest 6 Bundle of Holding – all the RQ 6 line in pdf format, at scandalously low prices until Tuesday 11th.
  • Cakebread and Walton, publishers of Renaissance and Clockwork & Chivalry are 15% off on Drivethru until the end of Feb.
  • D101 is taking part in DriveThru’s Valentine Day sale, so mark the date since here’s your chance to get OpenQuest 2 (and other D101 titles) at a discount.