Fiendish Friday: Zarth Wars!

A small idea for a Convention game next year at the Seven Hills Convention (in Sheffield weekend after Easter weekend) which has a Sci-Fi RPG gaming theme. Here’s how I blend Planetary Romance, Spell Jammer with the magnificent evil that is Crypts and Things:

Few of those who crawl in the dust of ancient empires that litters the dying World of Zarth even suspect of the mayhem that rages in the skies above their heads. Of the wars fought between the evil Uzil and the insane Yikirk. The clashes between the Space Gypsy Skyships and the foul luminous floating discs of Olz. The insane gravity of the Topaz moon or the ominous silence of the Dark Star.
But the Grand Astronomer of the Crystal Moon summons you the appointed heroes from your Zarth bound life, to rise up into space to rescue the Princess Zarisula from the clutches of the Fiend who would be Emperor of known space.

So grab your flame lance, don your crystal armour, prime your needle gun and set sail on Rocket Ship Zargaz to the Obos, the moon of Infinite Doom!

Planetary Romance meets Swords & Sorcery using the OSR D&D rules of Crypts of Things.

2 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Zarth Wars!

  1. Wonderful- Spelljammer is something I’ve admired from afar, and I’ve wanted to run a game inspired by it for ages, but somehow it’s something I’ve never got round to. Maybe that should figure in 2014 game plans- that and trying to get into your game at Seven Hills.

  2. I plan to have hex-starfields and cut out ships. And there will be squid headed mentalists (but more in a Cthulhu vein) – which means some quick and playable Psionics rules :O

    Best I lie down in a dark room before I get too excited 🙂

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