The Pheraen Otherworld

From the upcoming Here Be Dragons for OpenQuest by Simon Bray and Paul Mitchener, here is the setting’s Other World overview.

To the faithful of Pherae the gods exist both in their own world and in the mundane world at once. When gods manifest in the world of men they appear as thunderous voices, burning figures in the night, strange omens, maddening visions and creeping shadows. It is not unknown for gods to seek the companionship or even love of certain special mortals, the nymphs and demons of Pherae attest to these unions. The gods once relished in meddling in the affairs of mortals, but their powers are chained and weakened by humanity’s loss of faith.

Each god controls their own realms, Tyria rules her sky realm from a blinding golden palace, Gorga broods on her writhing throne in the underworld and Arton hunts the Wild Things in a forest beyond the edge of the world. Mortals can visit these places, either through invitation by the gods or through their own magic. These realms are dangerous and present challenges beyond the scope of all but the greatest heroes. There are sacred places, ancient temples, hidden caves and blessed grottos where the divide between the divine and mortal are thin. Sometimes people go in and are never seen again,but worse, sometimes things come out.

Many do not know that beyond the realm of myth and legend, beyond the gods and dragons themselves is a cold dark, lonely place, where hateful things watch the world with envy. Some know that these are the forgotten gods of the Ancients, waiting to return. Some call these things demons, they summon them for power, and these things are beyond the pale, monsters more fearful than the spawn of Hallucious and Gorga. These are the beings that Khata tried to train to dance to his merry tune, they are monstrous things which overthrew his Empire and devoured his very soul.

Aiming for a Dec/Jan release of Here Be Dragons, which I’m currently polishing up in layout 🙂

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