UKM1 Tomb of the Necromancers released!

Just in time for Halloween…..

Tomb of the Necromancers cover by David Michael Wright

Tomb of the Necromancers cover by David Michael Wright

By Paul Mitchener

“The ruins of the Unknown City stand at the edge of the Death Wind Steppe, surrounded by the foothills of the Wolf Head Mountains. They are a monument to a once mighty city. Few now know the city‘s history, and how it fell. The city‘s old name, Tetronis, now belongs to a village of simple fisherfolk standing amongst the ruins.

The force behind both the old city‘s greatness and its destruction was the god Orlusz.”

A swords and Sorcery romp for four to six characters of level 6 to 8. It takes place in the frozen north of the Continent of Terror, and sees the characters pitted against ravaging barbarians, who seek an ancient weapon for their mistress. Further exploration leads them to the forsaken temple of an evil sect of Necromancers.

Although written for Crypts and Things it is compatible with other Old School Class/Level based games.

25 pages long available now in print and pdf via

Incoming! Tomb of the Necromancer

Been busy producing stuff recently and along side OpenQuest 2  I’ve been putting Paul Mitchener’s Tomb of the Necromancer together. 25 pages of perfectly formed mid level terror set in the frozen North of Zarth, featuring Beserkers, the quest for a long lost magical item and more gruesome undead than you can shake a +1 sword at. Well this is Crypts & Things for you 😉

More details to follow. Print proof just sent off so should be available via Drive Thru in the next couple of weeks in both print + pdf formats.

In the mean time here’s the cover by the amazingly talented David Michael Wright.

Tomb of the Necromancers cover by David Michael Wright

Tomb of the Necromancers cover by David Michael Wright

At little bit of OQ2 monster making

Just messing about seeing how quickly I can create monsters for my OQ2 adventures. D100 stat blocks are notorious for being difficult to put together, but this little critter only took me 5 or 10 minutes.

Crombar the Mauler
(Troll Beserker)
Quote of the day: “Crombar smash you!!”

The slave of some dark lord, who bought this runt of the litter from a slaver. In Crombar’s eyes this was an kindness more infinite than that shown by his kin, to be repaid by channeling his dark rage against the dark lord’s enemies.

STR 14 CON 13 SIZ 23 DEX 16 INT 8 POW8 CHA 6

HP 18 Armour Chain (5 AP)
Magic Points 8

Magic: None

Close Combat 50% ( 2-H Mace 1d10 + 1d6)
Unarmed 60% ( Fist 1d6+1d6 )
Ranged 35% ( Thrown Rock 1d6+1d6 )

Resistances: Dodge 45%, Persistance 35%, Resilence 75%.

Relationships: Hate other Trolls 45%, Servant of the Dark Lord 80%

Skills: Deception 50%,

Special Rules: Beserk! Three times per day may go beserk, doubles Close Combat, but may not dodge or parry, for the duration of a combat.

Motivations: Please his master, Kill enemies, Eat often.