Fiendish Friday: The Snakes of Severis

In a deserted temple on the Plateau of Pain stands a seven foot high statue of a long forgotten god. This robbed figure wielding a short sword held aloft is covered in writhing multicoloured snakes, ranging from between two to three feet in length. Baby snakes emerge periodically magically from the statues wide open mouth. The snakes are carried far and wide by an order of assasins who specialise in dissappearances. They know a magic word which paralases the snakes into a hard dart like form. They will then throw the snake at a target who on a successful hit must Save vs Poison as the snake’s fangs sink into exposed flesh. If the target fails they start to phase out of reality within twenty four hours (D20+3). Within that time the target becomes more and more insubstantial. Only strong magic can save them, such as Dispel Magic as cast by a ninth level Magician, or higher, or paradoxically the petrifying gaze of a Basilisk. If the target phases out of reality, their insubstantial form is transported to an isolated place in the Shroud, known as the Purple Room, where it waits for up to sixteen hours (2d8 hours) before being returned to Reality for its final damnation. For after they leave the Purple Room they are transported insied the Statue, where they become their essense produces the next batch of Snakes!

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