Fiendish Friday: Man Rat

Welcome to Fiendish Friday, a new feature here where every Friday I shall post a snippet from “Pandora’s Box” for Crypts and Things and other Class/Level based games.


“My gods, a rat that big should not exist!” I thought. Then it turned to face me, still nibbling on Jaren’s severed arm. Then it hit me. The rat had a face. What abomination of Black Magic was this! Enraged I ran it through. It squeaked pathetically. I stepped back and wiped its blood of my sword. It was then that I heard a multitude of squeaking from the dark entrance of the sepulture. I knew then that the rat’s brothers and sisters were coming to eat!

Standing just over four foot, Man Rats are fast-moving rat-human hybrids, who spend much of their time scratching around for food. Created by the Serpent-Men during ancient times, they escaped the laboratories where they were born in and now infest the surrounding areas. They commonly live in small burrows, but are just at home in ruins and tunnels alongside their smaller brethren.  They attack in groups and while they have vicious claws and bite are natural cowards if numbers are not on their side. Although ancient as a race, this product of foul Vivimancy is still prone to instability and each individual has a one in ten chance of bearing 1d4 Khaos features.  Intelligence wise they are equivalent to a dog, but are often tainted by madness (3 in 6 chance).

AC 2 [17]
MV 24
Hit Dice 1-1
Attack 2 claws or 1 bite; Dam 1d4/1d4 or 1d6
Saving Throw 18
Special Rules 3 in 6 chance of madness
CR/XP B/10.

Man-Rat Madness table

Roll d10

  1. Berserker +2 to attack.
  2. Speaks gibberish in Common tongue.
  3. Knows a random 1st Level spell that it fires off immediately upon being attacked.
  4. Runs around blindly lashing out at anything in its way if threatened.
  5. Facial expressions falsely give the impression of high intelligence.
  6. Drools and slobbers.
  7. Twitches uncontrollably.
  8. Shrieks and yelps randomly.
  9. Will go straight up to any character and beg for food.
  10. Petrified of Water.

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