Terror at Black Oak


They’ve defiled the sacred site of Black Oak Rock, killed the Old Man Oak and his lad.

Now they raid trade caravans, stealing their goods and slaughtering their people.

Now they’ve grown too bold and raided the out lying steads, taking Farmer Ham and his family !

As Head man of Gont I call upon all able bodied men and women to take up arms against these foul beasts and end their outrage against our lands!”

Philbus of Gont

So you thought Orcs were a push over eh? Simple fodder, whose doors you could break down, kill them and their folk and seize their goods as your own. Once you’ve met this lot you’ll reassess that situation.

When I was very young, Demons came and took me to Hell. There Nar-Garum the Torturer taught me that life is Pain and the way to true power is through feeding on the sweet tears of others”

Iolop Kar, the Orc in the Iron Mask.

Coming to an OSR Adventure pack I’m currently writing ( in between finishing off OQ2 )

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