OpenQuest 2 pre-order, two new stretch goals

Seeing as we are now within spiting distance of Stretch goal 3 (OpenQuest Basics), I’ve added two  new stretch goals, to spur things on.  Here they are with the reasoning behind them:

Stretch 4 $4000 OpenQuest website – New!

Dedicated community website for OpenQuest with its own forums, blogs and the OpenQuest Dev kit as a set of reference webpages,in much the same way as the online Pathfinder PRD. All pre-orders will have a free one year subscription to the ‘Supporters’ only areas of the website, which will have exclusive preview content (demo scenarios, playtest drafts etc).

I wanted to do this for some time, since it appears that I have a dedicated community of gamers who pick up on OQ. This will allow such people to ask support questions, get early access to playtest drafts, help with shape the game’s future with feedback. This is where if you come in as a pdf only pledge you win big off me, as well as the higher levels.

Stretch 5 $6000 OpenQuest Adventures book – New!

A book of five adventures each showcasing one of the various fantasy genres that OpenQuest supports. Currently thrashing out the details, but looking at Swords and Sorcery, Contemporary Fantasy, Steampunk, Dungeon crawl and Dark Fantasy. All pre-orders will get a pdf copy. All pre-orders will get early access to drafts via the new OpenQuest website.

It  was suggested that I do an adventure book as a stretch goal, and I thought that wasn’t half bad. Rather than being an a short campaign (you’ll be getting that in OQ2 core rules 😉 ), each adventure will complement the genre guides I’m writing in the core rulebook.  Simon Bray and John Ossoway are also involved in writing adventures for this book.

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