Harken ye to Witchport!!

Brian Isikoff has announced his OpenQuest supplement “Whispers from Witchport, Vol I: The Bleak Coast” coming this December.

From his website Witchport Whispers

What is the Bleak Coast setting?

The Bleak Coast is my setting for vaguely West Coast Lovecraftian, swords & sorcery toned fantasy adventures. I’ve been using it, roughly, for the past few years as background for various games, including Labyrinth Lord with Realms of Crawling Chaos, Swords & Wizardry, Crypts & Things, and OpenQuest. I enjoy using it, wanted to develop it and thought others might enjoy it as well. Mythos’ inspired, S&S noir-ish fantasy … what’s not to like (unless, I guess, you’re not a fan of any of those ;) )

It’s meant to be a flavorful region that can host a GM’s campaign as the main sandbox, drop into a larger campaign, or simply be kit bashed for use as a GM needs. I envision the setting as half-baked – it has more flavor and suggestion, and every GM and playgroup should develop and finish it as they like and need.

What is Witchport?

Witchport is one of the three major cities – or townships – in the Bleak Coast region. It’s a particular favorite of this author and GM. Witchport is the dirty fingered city of the three – it’s my Sanctuary, Lankhmar, Kingsport and Vornheim, all rolled into one.

What Bleak Coast products are on the Release Schedule?

The first planned release – currently in development – is “Whispers from Witchport, Vol I: The Bleak Coast“. This book will provide the setting basics and resources including gazetteer, factions, original cults, bestiary, npcs and more. Whispers from Witchport is being developed to support the OpenQuest system. The current release date is December 2012.

Stay tuned for future updates, and thanks for reading!

~ Brian

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