If you support creativity and the OSR go pledge!

“Eh what’s Newt babbleing on about here?”

I’m talking James’ Raggi the Fourth’s Lamentations of the Flame Princess Indiegogo.com pre-order campaign for his upcoming “Monolith from Beyond Space and Time” & “The God that Crawls”  modules.

4 Days to go at time of writing, and just under $800 to reach the Goal. Thralls of Sorcerer Under Mountain go pledge! For I know what a shot in the arm, a pure vindication of what you are doing a successfull IndieGoGo.com campaign is from the one I ran for Crypts and Things end of last year.

Personally I’m a huge fan of LoTFP and what Jim’s doing. It would be safe to say that there would be no Crypts and Things without LoTFP, so it was a no-brainer for me to put my money down.

C’mon four days to go lets push it over the edge 🙂

Crypts and Things aftermath somethoughts

So here I sit in the rosy glow of a not-quite-yet-spring-but-definitely-not-winter day.

C&T has now been out about three weeks, and has been selling quite nicely. Its definitely joining the ranks of the likes of OpenQuest as one of D101’s steady sellers.

Critical response to the game, especially in the light of it being released alongside Adventure Conqueror King and joining the similar (but not the same) Genre space as Lamentations of the Flame Princess, has been a good mix. From the frothy “OMG I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH”, to the nicely balanced “There’s bits I don’t like, but there’s bits I do like”. I’ve also had a nice stream of complementary emails and comments, which warms my jaded Game Designer heart 🙂

I’m very glad I gave C&T a very definite BRAND and a different vibe to regular D&D, especially looking at the long list of OSRIC modules which all seem to tribute AD&D of yore.

One of the most gladdening things to happen post C&T release is that Rik Kershaw Moore, author of The Company and a long time Call of Cthulhu keeper (member of the Kult of Keepers who ran the UK Cthulhu Nationals) has picked up on the game , loves it and is writing a scenario to run at Continuum 2012. I’m sure with a bit of arm twisting I should be able to get him to write it up 🙂

Blood of the Dragon is literally down to the last couple of adventure locations. Its a short, around 20 pages, but sick little module – with a short gazeeter (for those of you that want a bit more setting detail) and an adventure featuring a short weird lands trek and a mini-dungeon, which is weird and quite deadly. While short the whole thing is meant to act as an intro adventure for new players and Crypt Keepers. Also its 100% compatible with other OSR games, so if you just want to grab a butt-kicking S&S adventure to run with your favourite RetroClone go fer it.

Finally I’m immensely humbled by the positive reaction that the game has gotten. Especially some of the ongoing blog posts and mentions. There’s a lot of material on my Hard Drive that could become C&T product, and the obvious love the game is already getting pushes to make sure that becomes a reality 🙂

Crypts and Things review round up

Here’s a couple of reviews that have popped up post release

Swords & Stitchery – Old Time Sewing & Table Top Rpg Blog

EdOWar’s Blog

The Space Cockroach’s Hideout

DriveThruRPG.com buyer review – a very nicely balanced review in that the reviewer doesn’t like some mechanical aspects of the game (specifically the old school To Hit Tables, although C&T also has Ascending AC) but doesn’t let this get in the way of recommending the game overall 🙂

Thanks to all of you have taken the time to write these reviews.